Health Post – Using Antidepressants for Pain

In certain situations pain killers don’t work when there is a change in the perception of pain. So Antidepressants can be used to control pain as they are seen as one of the group of drugs that control it along with drugs that control muscle spasms. The Antidepressant drugs control pain when pain receptors are overstimulated and the pain becomes far more intense. When this happens the normal pain killing drugs are ineffective in controlling the pain.

Pain killers usually control pain by decreasing inflammation. A person should not take more than 15 pain killing drugs within a month and the overprescribing of these drugs causes this overstimulation of the pain receptors. These Antidepressant drugs should be only taken at night as they effect cognitive function in acting as a sedative causing drowsiness. Be aware if you are prescribed Antidepressants they take a full week to become effective. They are used to control chronic headaches, migraines and joint and back pain. They are also used for irritable bowel syndrome and interstitial cystitis as well as fibromyalgia (whole body pain). (Be aware that one of the symptoms is that sufferers of this condition pee a lot).

Also be aware that Antidepressants are highly addictive and if you find yourself in this situation you can slowly wean yourself off them by controlling and decreasing the amount you take over time. And thirdly be aware that these drugs only help controlling pain when you take them, not afterwards. Serious side effects in the use of these drugs are impotence and suicidal thoughts (particularly in young people). Some people falsely think that Antidepressant drugs contain hormones, but the do not. Other people think that taking them as a prophylactic against depression but this is also a false assumption. Yet other people think that taking Antidepressants also control aggressive behavior – also another false assumption.

Other than a control of pain Antidepressants will not make you put on weight by being fluid retentive and they do make people feel better. My only suggestion as an alternative method of controlling pain look to natural therapies as they don’t have the side effects outlined here…