image I have over 40 years experience in the fitness and health industry. I am a graduate of the School of Physical Education, Otago University, New Zealand and Auckland Teachers Training College, and have also attended many Post Graduate courses in Fitness, Rehabilitation and in Health.

Initially, I taught at High School for ten years where I found my passion of helping students to develop their potential in sport and in life in general. I then moved to the New Zealand Police Department and worked as a Physical Education Officer for the New Zealand Police Department for 27 years, working in most Police Districts in the North Island of New Zealand. During my time with the New Zealand Police I was involved in Physical Testing; Physical Training; Recruiting; Rehabilitation and Health Testing. Within the job, I developed testing and training methods for Specialist Squads and Cardiac Risk Profiling and wrote many articles and booklets on aspects of fitness and health. This is where I increased my interest in developing people’s potential in their physical abilities but found that you cannot separate this development from the person. To reach ones true potential in any aspect of life one needs to take into account all other factors that makes the person, starting from the trilogy of mind, body and spirit. Nothing is new in this approach as can be seen from what we know about human history.

In sport, I initially played Rugby, but my main sport was Olympic Weight Lifting and I was New Zealand Champion in the Light Heavyweight class during the mid-1970s. I was graded a Level 3 – International Level in Sport Science, having worked with National Age Group Squads and Teams in the sport of Rugby League for over twelve years. I also worked with the only fully professional Rugby League Team, the Auckland Warriors, who play in the Australian National Football League.

I have written four books on Physical Conditioning for Team Sports and well over a hundred articles on fitness and on health…and now over three years of Posts.

I wake myself up every morning with the mantra of ‘I am no one special (nobody is) and I know nothing’. We all need to work on our passion of learning something new everyday of our lives if we desire to reach our full potential…

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