Health Post – Health Decisions

We make many decisions every day and although making them can be comparatively easy, making the right ones is something we should take particular note of when it comes to attaining better health.

We could stick to a simple answer by saying that we should connect with our intuition or higher self but this is not enough when we desire to make the right decision. As I have stated before, education is an extremely important factor when taking the right road, although in this day and age when we have almost instant access to a huge amount of information, people can become overwhelmed by this volume of information at our fingertips. People of my ilk would say that any information out there has to have scientific backing to make it fact but science has to have complete autonomy if the findings of the research are pure or non biased. If the research was carried out by a Drug Company for instance, you should always question their findings as they have the distortion of powerful incentives in getting us to use their products.

But this is not the underlying reason for writing this post.

I want to point out that as long as we realize that our minds work in the same way in that the decisions we make are dependent upon our underlying paradigms. These beliefs are quite often erroneous and that they are made up of misconceptions, misinformation, misinterpretations and all the other distortions we have locked in our minds: no matter how informed we think we are.

This is the reason for the morning mantra I use about knowing nothing. It doesn’t come from the need to remain humble but the desire to question everything, including the decisions I have made myself. This is not to say that it is an excuse to procrastinate before taking action but in fact the opposite because procrastination is more a state of mind rather than a state of ignorance. Although you should always ask yourself the question as to why you made the decisions you have if you wish to gain a pure answer to the decisions you make.

Don’t just rely on analytical reasoning as I stated earlier because the fact that your mind can play tricks on you but rely more on the feelings because emotions are a powerful tool when it comes to making the right decisions about anything. So if you get a positive feeling about something you should be confident about the direction you are taking whether or not the particular outcome is positive or negative in the action you’ve taken…as it could mean that you may need to learn an important lesson in this particular step in your journey of attaining optimum health in this instance. This is the reason why I have stated about relying on your intuition before and takes this posting in a full circle as to why you should use it as it will be the only way you will gain this pure answer.

Change is the only constant in our lives and every one of us is a project in process. Our health status is never static. The decisions you make and the actions thereafter should be made by searching for these pure answers.

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