Fitness Post – The How and Why

In the Soviet Block Sports Schools one of the most important lessons for their athletes was to understand why they were doing what they were doing and how to do it because this understanding gave them the specific reasons as to how they were to achieve their goals. Education was the key to developing someone’s potential and the same holds true for any sportsperson.

The Doing is important of course but it must have direction and purpose, otherwise a person will never reach their potential. Very few people actually do because they don’t fully realize this fact and live it. You must always question everything you do if you desire to achieve any specific goal in life, no matter what level. One of the most important paradigms you must cultivate is that you never will know enough about the subject you have an interest in and to seek answers, no matter the depth of your knowledge at any particular time.

I wish to make this post brief so as to not confuse you with a lot of words and to drive home the importance and the power of the ones I have used so far.

You will never know too much in any subject or interest you have or goal you wish to pursue. Any words you utter are always someone else’s and education is the key that you seek to be successful at anything you wish to achieve.

Wake yourself up with the mantra that you know nothing and that you are no one special…no one ever is…

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