Health Post – The Wonders of Bitter Foods

I want to go over a few of these foods in this post because the education about their properties and benefits to health is worth a look…

Chili Peppers: or Cayenne Peppers if you like, were burned my Mesoamericana Indians to drive away the Spanish Conquistadors when they first landed because the smoke stung their eyes. But one of the benefits of Chili Peppers is that it helps relieve pain in sore joints, either by using it as a cream or better still, by infusing it into plasters (which has been proven to be effective). Research done in New Zealand on Stomach Erosion (as in Stomach Ulcers) has found that the traditional methods of treating it have been wrong…in that eating bland foods (milk, butter etc.) and eating a little and often are counterproductive to recovery. Eating a little and often causes the acid levels within the stomach to increase more often…not good when you think about it. In fact the best choice of food to build the stomach lining are Chili Peppers.

Garlic: is said to have properties as a prophylactic for head colds – but this claim is questionable in that the cold viruses are airborne, so how is eating Garlic help in this case? But Garlic has other properties and has been labeled as one of the ‘Wonder Foods’ in that its consumption helps in lowering the risk of atherosclerosis and also lowers total cholesterol (although only by a limited amount).

Bitter Chocolate: is one of my personal favorite foods and has the positive properties of lowering the ‘bad’ cholesterol and increases the ‘good’ as well as raising positive mood. It also strengthens the blood vessels and increases the level of blood platelets (which control blood coagulation). But we should define what bitter chocolate is and what it is not. Firstly it is not the sort of chocolate you get in confectionery (M&Ms, chocolate bars etc.) as they are both highly processed and have a Palm Oil base…so aren’t real chocolate. Any chocolate which has at least 70% Cocoa content is good and only a small square per day is beneficial. So even though it is one of the labeled ‘7 Wonder Foods’ moderation has a more positive benefit.

Coffee and Tea: I lump these two beverages together because real coffee and real tea have caffeine in them…so beware of the ones that are not, like instant coffee (which has very little caffeine in it) and the highly processed teas. The health benefits of coffee are that it is a prophylactic for diabetes; it lowers the risk of Liver Cirrhosis; lowers the chance of Headaches; increases memory; is an Antidepressant and lowers the risk of Cancer. You should only consume 2 – 4 cups a day and drink water 30 minutes afterwards as well as drinking it for 1 – 2 days with 2 – 3 days off between for maximum benefit. Tea has the positive health properties of being a prophylactic for Osteoporosis; it lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol; is a prophylactic for Diabetes and helps prevent tooth decay. Both of these beverages should be consumed in moderation(2 – 4 cups a day, and not everyday) as over consumption can cause arrhythmia (irregular pulse).

As I have stated before, controlled consumption of anything you put down your throat, no matter what their reputed health properties, is essential for gaining maximum benefits.

If you require specific information pertinent to your individual needs you can contact me through this Website.

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