Fitness Post – Is Your Bed Effecting Your Performance

This one could be in either the Fitness Post or the Health Post, but as I’ve stated before poor health is going to negatively effect the progress of your fitness goals. A large percentage of people wake up with a sore back and it doesn’t matter how much they have spent on a good quality mattress. With double beds it seems to be an even greater problem. So what is the best option when it comes to selecting the right bed for you?

You can purchase the top level of mattress in the shop and even when you lay down on it for a few minutes to trial it in the shop, when you spend the first night on it, it can give you back pain. You may find that your partner has no problems with the new mattress, so why does it trouble one person and not the other?

It often comes down to weight. You can buy a soft, medium or hard mattress to suit your comfort but if one person is a lot heavier than the other then there is bound to problems buying the right mattress to suit both of you. If the difference in weight between you is 10 kilograms or less, there shouldn’t be a problem but when it is more than that you shouldn’t sleep on the same mattress.

A mattress is perfect for you if your spine is straight when you lie on your side. If a person weighs more than 90 kilograms it is recommended that they should sleep on a hard mattress. If they weigh between 55 and 90 kilograms then a medium firmness is good and if anything under 55 kilograms then a soft mattress is probably going to suit them better.

So if the weight between the two of you is over the 10 kilograms then they can buy two single beds and push them together or you can now buy double beds where you can alter the pressure to suit you on the side you sleep on. Alternatively there are slat beds where you can alter the pressure by using kits that firm up one side more than the other.

A great night’s rest is important for good health. The wrong mattress can not only cause sciatic problems (where you get numbness or associated pain down one leg) it can also cause chronic tiredness and depression.

So what if changing your mattress or bed is not within your budget at this present point in time?

If you wake up with a sore back you can do a few simple stretches which will alleviate a lot of your back pain before you get out of bed.

  • Push the pillow away then lying on front hold your elbows above your head and keeping your legs straight push away from the middle of your body in both directions. Hold for a few seconds but ensure that you push your legs away by leading with your heels.
  • Lying on your back push your arms to one side and your bent legs to the other. Hold that position in a comfortable position for a few seconds before you alternate arms and legs for several times on both sides.
  • Lying on your back with your knees bent so that your heels are close to your bottom, push your hips upwards into a comfortable Supine Bridge. Hold the top position for several seconds and repeat for five times.

But what if your back is so painful that you cannot do these exercises?

You can crawl on your hands and knees on the floor for a minute or so. That will free your back up enough to be able to move at least. Another exercise you may like to try is to face the bed with your legs wide and knees straight. Bend forwards at your hips and stretch your arms forwards across the bed and push your head downward towards the mattress until it touches it. Relax in this position for 30 seconds or so.

You can do standing Back Bends throughout your day, and/or walk for up to an hour a day and lose weight if you need to.

Small changes can make a big difference to getting a great night’s rest.

If you need any information specific to your needs you can contact me through this Website.

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