Health Post – Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

In a previous Post I stated that I suffer these and have been hospitalized once. They are painful and the nurse who was keeping an eye on me while I was in hospital said that she had had them herself and to her they were more painful than delivering a child. I must admit that I can’t make any statement to either agree or refute that but they were crippling at the time.

The primary prophylactic means of ensuring you don’t get a repeat dose of kidney stones is to drink plenty of water…and far more than you normally would, even if you have to put up with peeing a lot. You also need to cut down (not out) on salt. If you are a big meat eater cut down considerably on any animal protein. But surprisingly you also should cut down on eating fruits and vegetables in large quantities, particularly fruit. Allied to this you should cut down on large quantities of Vitamin C, when you may be using it as a prophylactic for colds and flu. One fruit juice that is particularly bad for Kidney Stones is Cranberry Juice, so keep completely away from drinking that or eating Grapefruit and Grapefruit Juice.

There are actually several different types of Kidney Stones and with some like Oxalate stones it is best to keep away from both green fruit and green vegetables. If you are taking Calcium tablets they will also lead to getting Kidney Stones if taken in large quantities.

Kidney Stones are a common complaint, particularly in men who eat large quantities of meat and don’t drink enough water (I was guilty on both counts ). The choice of doing something about it naturally or deciding on surgery (if the condition gets to that point) is up to you but the above measures are far less invasive.

If you wish for more specific advice you can contact me through this Website.

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