Fitness Blog – Embracing Change

We are all creatures of habit and generally don’t like change but change is essential if you desire to move forward in anything you do. So in an exercise program you should change it around every three to six weeks. I have to admit that I still have an underlying resistance to changing my program myself, so I change it automatically every month. In the type of sport I competed in we worked with a system depending upon how long we had before a major contest, so it was easy to follow a pattern. I have to also admit that we had help from our coaches and senior training partners and as a junior in the sport we didn’t argue with them. Technical advice was always readily accepted. We also had a science behind what we did.

Change is not always positive in that there should be some consistency in what we do…such as a morning routine, healthy eating habits or a routine before we go to sleep. We suffer for it if we get out of those types of behavioral patterns because they help us keep to healthy habits. But as we all know there are good habits and bad habits. One of the major bad habits I can think of is compulsive thinking – in a situation where the same negative thoughts continuously go around and around in our mind. Of course worrying about anything is negative, so worrying is a habit that we have been taught and is not natural. Breaking bad habits takes a certain amount of willpower so if you wish to stop any particular habit so have that doesn’t help you move forward, change one of these habits at a time. Also know that it takes 66 days to develop a good habit over a bad one. (The first third of that time is hard, the second third easier and the last third the new habit is locked in.)

If you want to relate this to exercise then take a closer look at where you aren’t making any progress and chase it until you find a solution. I know I’m being very general here but one habit you should try to break is doing something with poor technique to the detriment of not being able to move forward. Even after all these years of lifting weights ( over 50 years) I have to live this knowledge myself and just recently I broke a poor habit in technique that was giving me shoulder problems. Once that habit was broken and I added movements within my program that ensured that I wouldn’t get a repeat dose of the problem I made slow but effective progress without the need to take medication or something far more aggressive such as surgery.

This is only one instance where change was necessary but we should all live with the underlying paradigm that change is inevitable and the one great constant in our lives. A simple but easy to understand example of this is that our body is constantly changing and that 99% of it has completely changed one year from the present.

If we build an underlying paradigm that we embrace change then we would have no fears of the future and regrets of our past. If something in your life is not working, then change it…and the change should be instantaneous, otherwise the realization that something is not working is not real knowledge at all. All our lives are a work in progress. This is one of the most fundamental paradigms to achieve success.

If you require any specific advice on your fitness program you can contact me through this Website.

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