Health Post – Natural Remedies for Gout

Gout is far more common than you think and often people think that they have arthritis when it is actually Gout. Gout doesn’t just affect the big toe joint such as in the picture but it can affect all your joints to varying degrees. It can be a painful condition, therefore very debilitating, so what can you do about it through natural means?

Firstly what causes it? I am a person who is guilty of having too much protein when I was younger and in a sport that considered that protein was an important part of our daily nutritional needs and I also suffer from kidney stones as one of the other factors of particularly big red meat eaters. When your gut breaks down protein a percentage becomes purines and a commonly known one of these substances is Uric Acid. These purines are crystalline substances that build up in your joints, which become swollen and painful as a result (and more painful than usual because these crystals have sharp edges!)

So of course you have to cut down in your consumption of meat plus canned fish, processed meat (including smoked meats, sausages and salamis etc), cocoa (chocolate) and alcohol. You also should cut down in particularly fried desserts such as donuts. If you are a male and have put on more than 13 kilograms during your adult years you are far more susceptible to gout. (The latest research shows that gaining this 13 kilograms increases your chances of getting Gout goes up by 50% if this is the case!) But if you lose 5 kilograms the symptoms of gout disappear for a prolonged period of time.

By cutting the foods that produce Gout, plus losing weight (which includes cutting down your daily calorie consumption), sticking mostly to fruits, vegetables and limiting your alcohol consumption to only one true measure of wine a day, it will go a long way to alleviating the symptoms. (Have a look at the link in the picture below to get an idea of other foods to limit).

It is also recommended that you eat completely natural Kefir and/or yoghurt and cottage cheese, beans, nuts and grains such as barley. Also as your symptoms disappear move more than you have done before throughout your day.

If I have put a damper on your favorite foods in your current diet, I make no excuses for it as I know personally that these simple natural remedies work!

If you wish to know information specific to your personal needs you can contact me through this Website.

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