Health Post – Home Remedies for Common Health Problems – Anemia

One third of the World’s population has a level of iron deficiency, so this condition is very common but there are natural ways of combating it. There is an average of 20 milligrams of iron a day in the modern Western diet which is about the same level that someone loses naturally per day – so generally things are in homo status.

Men lose iron through sweat, dead cells, and through the gut. Women lose iron through the same means but also through menstruation, so they are more likely to suffer Anemia. But other ways of losing iron are more sinister, such as ulcers, bowel cancer and other gut disorders. If you are a male and have a low hemoglobin count it is best to have a full checkup through a colonoscopy and other gastrointestinal tests to find the cause. In women a low hemoglobin count has the more common cause but they should check if they are unsure or have stopped menstruating.

So what are home remedies that boost your iron levels that don’t have the side effects that medications do?

At the forefront of dietary considerations are foods such as red meat, fish, chicken and liver. Also vegetables such as beans, grapes, nuts and lentils have the same amount of iron that meats do but meats have other nutrients that make it easier for our body’s to digest. For example Broccoli and beans have lots of iron but it is not absorbed into the body. If you are a vegetarian it is very important that you remember this fact.

Other considerations you should take into account and when combining certain foods is that you should not drink black or green tea when eating meat as the iron will not be absorbed. If you combine high calcium produce such as milk, cheese, cottage cheese with meat the iron will also not be absorbed. Therefore the best foods to combine with meat are those with a high acidity level such as natural orange juice or lemon juice.

People who are taking medications for gastrointestinal problems should also be aware that these medications inhibit the absorption of iron.

If you decide to take medications for low iron remember the side effects such as constipation and it takes 8 weeks to build the iron up to normal levels and a full 6 months of continuous use to stabilize the iron within the body.

If you are a man and don’t think that you are not susceptible to low iron think again – particularly as you age! So know the signs of low iron count such as tiredness, pallid skin, brittle nails etc. (read the chart below to know other signs from Top Ten Home Remedies). Your body is always sending you signs that something is not right, you just need to learn to read them.

If you wish to have a plan for continuous wellbeing you can contact me through this Website.

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