Health Post – The Importance of Taking Responsibility for Your Health

When taking with a Primary Care Doctor friend of mine the other day I posed the question to him about his patients taking responsibility for the decisions they need to make when facing a medical situation. He said that a good percentage of his patients left it up to him to make the decisions for them. He stated that although this concerned him the patient’s common reason for this was “Well you’re the expert so you know what the best outcome of any decision you make.”

Now this is a valid point as the wealth of knowledge a good physician has is way beyond that of his patient…unless the patient is another good physician. But his qualifying statement was, “But the final decision should be always left up to the patient.” These statements always open a Pandora’s Box of questions.

There are certain times in our lives when we cannot make these decisions and I can think of two. When we are very young and therefore the decision should be left up to our Caregivers, not our Health Providers. The second time is when we are in such a feeble state that we cannot make the decision ourselves. This would be in a medical emergency and there is no one available to make the decisions that need to be made…and obviously the best people to make those decisions are the Primary Medical Providers in this instance. Or when we have lost the capacity to think for ourselves when reaching the end of our lives. Again in these instances it may be up to our Primary Caregiver to make the ultimate decision if possible, not the Primary Health Provider.

In all other instances it should be our responsibility to make the decisions about our health and wellbeing but in practical terms this doesn’t happen in a large percentage of cases. It can be left up to the community at large including local and national politicians, the local health department or our Primary Health Provider. But just because this is the norm doesn’t mean that it is right?

I’ve always advocated in my Posts that the decisions and the primary provision of your personal health care should always be your responsibility…and no one else’s. Part of that responsibility is to educate yourself if you have a medical situation or question. The second part of the responsibility is to live the knowledge you have gained from the research you have done. The third part is to check to see if the decision you have made and the steps you have taken are working for you. If they are not to do further research and make the lifestyle adjustments in your search for a positive result.

Of course one of your resources of knowledge may be your Primary Health Provider. The point I wish to make here is that they should not be the only resource, even if you make the decision to get a second opinion? It is your life after all and if you love and respect yourself enough you will take these extra steps to make the best and most informed decision possible?

I have left those last two statements as questions because you are the only one who can provide a definitive answer.

So as I have stated before many times question everything including what I write in these Posts and in particular your own thoughts…until you find a solution that feels right. Don’t use emotions to help you make your decisions and at the same time don’t always use logic…because logic is colored by your underlying paradigms and your accumulated experiences. You already know that whatever comes out of your mouth is someone else’s thoughts. Don’t use the Internet to self diagnose any health issue you may have. Use as many resources you have available to reach the right decision.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult Posts I’ve had to write so far because I am not putting anyone down in writing it. Because once we see the truth in understanding that life is ‘a do-it-yourself project’ and the reality you experience at this present point in time is the summation of your own beliefs and thoughts.

If you desire any specific information or help in the direction you wish to take you can reach me through this Website.

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