Health Post – Meditation is Not a Solution

If people don’t research the real reasons for meditation they usually have preconceptions about it. It is not a solution to your chaotic life. It is not a religion. It is a technique of focusing your mind.

If you desire to be able to focus your mind though, you need to practice it throughout your day. To be successful at meditating you have to fix your life first. Do not use meditation as a ‘fix all your problems’ technique because it doesn’t work that way.

Being successful at anything requires a goal and a process or plan of action. So look at the simple skills you do everyday such as brushing your teeth or eating and work at placing all your attention on those things. Do whatever works with you. We’ve all been guilty of not putting our attention on what someone else in our immediate family or someone at work is saying to us…so doing this as a practice may be a great way to start.

True meditation is not necessarily someone sitting in the position in the photo above and meditating for 20 minutes a day and expecting real results. This is probably the major reason why people give up on this skill because they don’t see the results.

Therefore think of process and goal. These are the primary ingredients. We follow steps in everything we do. Concentration is the necessary skill to success so practice the power of observation when you think of it throughout your day. It may seem as though I am repeating myself but these three things will empower you.

In telling yourself everyday that you know nothing gives you the mindset of seeing the whole picture on what you see, what you hear…etc. Therefore you gain a better perspective on reality. Just like with any other skill, by practising regularly you will become better at it and will begin to view the world as full of opportunities rather than the opposite.

Another skill you need to have is the courage to look inside yourself for the motives for why you do things the way you do. Courage is also necessary to change things if you can see a better way of doing them. We all have good and bad within us, no matter how subtle it is, so look at your weaknesses with compassion. Life is a process in progress after all. So to be successful at anything know you are worth the effort.

The Process

  • Practice the skill of concentration throughout your day (or always bringing your mind into The Present if you like).
  • The most efficient technique of meditation is to sit up straight with your spine straight, head balanced on top of your spine. Put your hands on your lap left hand under the right and the tips of your thumbs touching (this helps as a check on your concentration).
  • Breathe in and out slowly and concentrate on your breath to start (my mind wonders if I only do this). By closing your eyes you will be better able to concentrate.
  • So I focus on bringing energy firstly up my left leg, then my right leg, then my left arm and finally my right arm. I do this for ten repetitions of breath.
  • Bring this energy into a central point, such as your spine. You will know you have got it right if you feel a tingling sensation from your tail bone to the top of your head. If you don’t feel it, keep on practicing until you do.
  • If you desire something positive in your life to happen use meditation as a skill to manifest it.
  • Place your mind on this desire and keep doing it until it happens (because whatever you place your mind on will happen, good or bad).
  • The last part of the meditation process is to push the energy back out and repeating a simple sentence (make your intention short and clear). Push it out in the opposite pattern as you drew it in (firstly down the right arm, then the left arm, then the right leg, then the left leg).
  • Start with simple desires first.
  • Do each energy transfer for 10 repetitions each, both into and out of your body.

Practise and persist.

It is that simple.

If you wish to gain any advice that pertains to your personal situation you can reach me through this website.

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