Health Post – What You Can Do For Blocked Arteries

This is a common question: how to make your arteries stronger and healthier. But this is the wrong question!

A Cardiologist and Cardiac Therapist from Russia, who also has a Doctorate in Applied Cardiology suggests that there is a paradox that people want strengthen or reinforce their blood vessels when this is the last thing they should be doing. Because stronger blood vessels implies that they are less flexible and full of calcium so the question asked should be how to make their blood vessels more flexible.

He also states that the only way to clear your blood vessels of plaque or fatty build up (such as in the picture above) is with a brush! But what he is really suggesting is that the only way you can clear blood vessels of these deposits that already exist is by mechanical methods. Or to put it another way, by surgical methods…of which there are many and this is where modern medicine is at its best.

If you look at the use of statins however, which are reputed to clear blood vessels of plaque, this medication has the effect of keeping the level of plaque where it is at present and not clearing them. This fact should be understood, and they have side effects.

So let’s look at natural methods of preventing plaque buildup.

Here are six methods that help. Cut down Table Salt, normalize your weight, have a healthier food intake, do physical activity everyday, stop smoking if you smoke, and learn methods of controlling your stress levels.

These in greater detail. Remember though, whatever the claims of food companies and drug companies are about foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals that are reputed to clear plaque are pure fallacy.

Cut Down on Table Salt. Why? Because it causes inflammation in the body. It also increases blood volume and this is why all Salt intake must be controlled (including natural Salt). Increasing the blood volume has the effect of increasing your blood pressure which is not healthy. If you see Salt on the supermarket or pharmacy shelves that is reputed to be low sodium it is also another fallacy.

Normalize Your Weight. Today 46% of the population of the USA is obese and many other similar countries have statistics that are close to this. By comparison some European countries have a far lower level of obesity but the main point I’m making here is not in the numbers. Just be clear on this – that all obesity or even Overweight is not natural and is a risk to our health. Of course the greater level of obesity, the greater the chance of getting Diabetes and the follow on is Heart problems.

Healthy Diet. Mostly made up of fresh vegetables and a controlled amount of fruit as well as natural fat and a controlled amount of protein. Obviously pure water is the main fluid consumed. This is an extremely important natural method of eliminating plaque buildup.

Moderate Intensity Physical Activity. Extreme intensity levels in physical exercise, such as heavy weightlifting or exercise using maximal heart rates will only exasperate an underlying heart problem. So if your body is not used to it, keep away from these activities. The type of activity that would be termed low to moderate intensity and a method of preventing plaque buildup are activity such as walking, swimming or cycling. As you get older if your main method of exercise is Resistance Training, stick to Circuits and the like, but at a lower intensity.

Smoking. Don’t smoke. Even one cigarette a day or second hand smoke will cause inflammation in the body.

Stress. Stress is in the mind. Control your mind and you control stress. It takes practice. One fact that may give you a different perspective is that even Heart Surgeons die of Heart Attacks or Strokes caused by Stress. Learn and practice cognitive skills that control your stress levels.

Lastly, may I reiterate, although in a different way. Vitamin Supplements, which you purchase from a pharmacy only enrich your urine and the pharmacist’s pockets…they do not clear your arteries.

If you require specific lifestyle information you can contact me through this website.

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