Health Post – Healthy Aging

I have touched this subject before but here I want to cover an ancient way of looking at health and a more comprehensive explanation of how we can have a better quality of life as we reach the golden years. This post is not just for people who have reached old age as the younger you have a consistently healthy lifestyle the greater chance you have living a more dynamic and fruitful existence throughout your lifetime.

Please understand that any illness we get at any time of our life is the final expression our body is communicating to us that there is something not right and it is necessary for us to take steps to change one or several states of being to achieve normality.

The Chopra Center of Health and Wellbeing has put out a series of modules together to help people become completely well. The Center’s founder Dr Deepak Chopra and the Center’s physician Dr Shiela Patel host the series and they cover the general principles of an ancient Indian health discipline named Ayurveda or Life Knowledge based on the premise that everything is interconnected. They cover a detoxification program and push the idea that detoxification is an everyday, natural process our body has innately and if we live a life in balance we will reap the benefits of optimal health. They go through the six ‘pillars’ of wellbeing. They are –

  1. Sleep and Rest: this principle shows how to gain better sleep as it is the major way our body has to recover and to self regulate. They also say that it is our primary vehicle to being in touch with our spiritual consciousness.
  2. Meditation and Stress Management: these methods are the skills we need to help us reset our biological clock to regain our maximum levels of energy and vitality and control bodily inflammation. Excessive buildup of inflammation within ur body is the precursor to major illnesses.
  3. Movement: here they deal with the physical aspects of Yoga and specific Yoga Breathing techniques which help stimulate our nervous system.
  4. Healthy Emotions: we know that our mind drives or controls our physiology so learning to be in a positive state of mind has a major impact on normal bodily functions. Everyone of us would rather be in a happy state of mind therefore learning to control toxic thoughts has great value in attaining our general health and wellbeing.
  5. Nutrition: some medical people place this principle higher than all others when endeavoring to attain optimal health but it is really only one aspect of achieving this state of being. The key to this aspect of health is education and then making it part of our way of living.
  6. Grounding: all Shamanic health stems from this principle and the major underlying theme of this way of gaining optimal health is living the knowledge that everything and every being within our environment is interconnected. Being in touch with the earth beneath our feet helps ground us to the natural harmony of our biological clock or circadian rhythms.

I am not going to get into the details of this system as you can get a more comprehensive knowledge of it through the Internet for free. It gives you a knowledge of how you work individually and how to attain a balance in all aspects of your life and a system of living this existence is a great pathway to attaining it. We live our lives through conditioned beliefs, some of them erroneous so if you desire better quality of life at any age this system is well worth a look from my point of view. As I have always maintained, life is a do-it-yourself project (not my words) and once you take complete responsibility for your own health and wellbeing you will be on the right path to achieving your ideal world.

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