Health Post – Energy Drinks Can Kill You?

Well, that statement is a bit heavy but there is an element of truth in it. Certainly Energy drinks will give you more energy, make you feel more alert and also make you feel that you can ‘fly’ and those are the positive side effects. What about the negatives?

Negative Sise Effects. They will make you feel agitated and that’s no good if you are in control of a piece of machinery…and in particular a motor vehicle. They can also give you headaches which is not great if you have the need to concentrate. They will also give you the shakes and cause irregular heart beats (arrhythmia). After their effects have warn off they can make you feel both physically depleted and mentally depressed. And as far as rest and good quality sleep goes they have a negative effect there. Added to this these beverages can give you chronic stomach pain. Finally, if you take them in large quantities they will cause death, whether it is as a direct result of consuming them or an indirect cause of death.

Main Ingredient. Their main ingredient is caffeine, which the food manufacturers get from taking it out of the coffee they use to produce instant coffee. Certainly drinking them regularly and in larger quantities will give you arrhythmia and higher than normal Blood Pressure. If you drink one of them a day without having any other beverage with caffeine in it they won’t do you any great harm short term…unless you are pregnant or have High Blood Pressure. In these two cases keep well away from them as they contain three times the amount of caffeine of a cup of coffee or tea.

Other Ingredients. They also have sugar (or worse, a synthetic substitute) and gas (which makes the other ingredients more easily absorbed), and salt (which is nearly always the manufactured kind) and which is not good for your heart. The stomach can be irritated by the gas which is detrimental to your digestive system and has the long term flow on effect of serious bowel disorders. Some Sports drinks contain L-Carnitein which can cause sclerosis. Also question the number of vitamins and minerals these drinks are reputed to contain. Another factor you should consider if you are consuming these drinks is the damage the ingredients are doing to your teeth.

The Best Use for Them. They are a great cleaning agent, particularly for stains. Some people pour a can of Coca Cola or another energy drink down their toilet and leave it overnight to give a beautifully clean toilet bowl? Now, if they do those things, think of what they are doing to the lining of your stomach?

In Summary. These drinks have become a problem in Mexico where the health department has put out a warning about the ill-effects of their consumption because a great number of their population were drinking 7 – 10 cans of Energy drinks a day! Some truck drivers regularly drink up to 15 a day to aid them keeping awake! You can become addicted to their caffeine content if you consume them a high quantities as you can with coffee. They are dangerous to drink particularly before playing sport as they can cause irreparable damage to the heart.

My final analysis, if you care for your health keep well away from them. But as I have said many times before question everything, including what I have written in this post. And knowledge is worth absolutely nothing to you if you don’t live it…

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