Health Post – Money and Your Health

Money is a figment of our imagination – but this goes for most of what we consider our reality. Concepts such as countries, rules and regulations, religion are something that we have made up in our minds. In our consumer societies money is important but even today there are societies where money does not exist as they use a trading and bartering systems. In this type of society there is no crime because they are small, everyone knows everyone else and they rely on each other to survive. But these societies are in remote parts of the world and not many exist in any great numbers. They are also a form of utopia that is not practical in our modern societies. So the concept of money is a necessity unless there is a wholesale change in the way we think…so how can money help with our health?

Firstly we need to change our relationship to money and make it work for us so that we always have enough to not just survive but to live properly. Below are a list of ways to help you change your perspective about money and increase your ability to live well –

  • Have in clear picture of what your current income is and what your outgoings are by writing them down
  • Cut down small small but unnecessary costs
  • Get rid of credit and credit cards
  • Stop your use of living off loans
  • Do not account for future income because it is not a factor that you can rely on
  • Search for extra sources of income
  • And coupled with this do not disregard small earnings…they all count
  • Open a savings account where you put away any extra income
  • Don’t use outside services when you can do this task yourself
  • Always live within your means
  • Don’t waste your free time by using it to make more money
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Don’t put any of your extra income on high risk ventures
  • Look at ways you can build your secondary career
  • Be patient as everything takes time…so live in the present
  • Have a respect for money
  • So don’t throw even small amounts of it away buy purchasing things you don’t need
  • Therefore work on giving up bad habits that devour money
  • Spend your money wisely by using it to purchase it on quality items that you will gain a great amount of use from
  • Because stinginess actually wastes money if the item purchased only lasts for a short amount of time
  • Don’t give other people unnecessary presents because – as the Beatles said ‘money can’t buy you love’
  • Don’t ever account for an outside sources to provide for you extra income
  • Read books that give you the skills that will help you earning extra income
  • And coupled with this listen to the advice of successful people
  • Never make any purchases suddenly on a whim
  • If you can’t trust yourself yet on spending any extra income on meaningless entertainment give it to a family member that you trust
  • Therefore don’t carry with you any extra unnecessary money
  • Ask for a discount on large purchases
  • Always refuse doubtful offers – that’s your intuition talking to you!
  • Don’t ever loan money
  • And don’t owe money
  • The richest people are the ones most careful with their money and also always educate themselves in new ways of earning it
  • They also know the small amounts of money can add up to millions of outgoings over time
  • Rid yourself of anything that requires continuous investment
  • Always look for bargains – the time spent is well worth it
  • Buy in bulk on items that you continually need but always check to see the extra value in it
  • Always account for all your purchases no matter how small
  • Don’t ever talk about money
  • Learn from and respect people who earn more than you as jealousy will only keep you at the level of income you have now

These ideas will help you double your ability to use your income effectively and help you live a more fruitful life rather than just subsisting…life is for living after all? Even if you see them as not acceptable in the way you think now they have a lot to do with your health. Money worries keep you awake at night and you need your night times for sleeping.

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