Fitness Post – Do the Work – But Do It Smart!

Hard work doesn’t get you anywhere, unless it has purpose and direction. I guess that is the premise for any aspect of life but for exercise it is even more apparent for it shows in your results. And there is a difference between the energy expended per se and the energy that has a structure to it…so I reiterate: ensure that the work you do counts…otherwise there will a lot of wasted energy. To ensure that this doesn’t happen –

  • Have a plan. But the only way this can happen is if you have a very specific purpose to the exercise you do. So write down your specific goals before you embark upon any fitness program. As I have said before, the clearer your goals the far higher chance you have of reaching them. Once you have decided on that, write down the specific steps you need to make to reach your goals and if you don’t have the knowledge to do this use expert advice.
  • You have a finite amount of energy. This being the case make sure that you use your energy judiciously. Of course having set out your goals and having a plan helps but there is also a balance on the amount of work you do – that is, whether you work hard enough to reach your goals or whether you work too hard and suffer ‘burnout’. Listen to what your body is telling you…I have said this before but if you are working too hard your body will tell you through not fully recovering between bouts of exercise and/or you will feel more pain than usual. Conversely if you aren’t working at the required level you won’t be achieving your goals.
  • The Body Follows the Mind. So many people make the mistake of thinking that if they are exercising they will achieve their goals but if you are not fully present while exercising you are not creating a mindset for reaching anywhere near your potential. So create the mindset by focusing on what you are doing. An easy way of doing this is to practice this is to practice it throughout your day. So you can start with the tasks that you do everyday – like eating, brushing your teeth or listening to your significant other by focusing on the task at hand, so exercise will be just another task where you practice focus.
  • Look at the Whole Picture. It isn’t just your exercise regimen that will ensure your success, but everything else in your life. Creating the right mindset will help a lot, exercising with specific purpose will also help but your lifestyle is the key to reaching your goals. Eating a well balanced diet that is mostly made up of fresh vegetables and fruits, gaining the full nutritional value on everything you eat by also including good quality protein, fats and a variety of whole grains, including seeds and nuts are all essential in gaining the energy you require. You also need to educate yourself so that you understand what you are doing: the best sources are from reading books of experts. (I don’t like the word because of it’s implications but so-called experts are people who have achieved what you are aspiring to…the ‘been there, done that’ people). Obviously gaining the right balance of rest and good quality sleep are also essential…and these things are acquired skills.

To keep this short. The only thing that holds most people back is that they don’t think that they are worth the effort…and I have said this before but feel that I must keep on repeating it because if you don’t think that you are worth it you’re right! So write this down where you can see it everyday ‘ I am enough’.

If you want specific advice pertaining to you personally you can reach me through this website.

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