Health Post – Our Toxic Environment is Killing Us

We all know about air pollution but what else within our modern environment is detrimental to our health…and what can we do about it? I will go through a list and there are some things on the list that may surprise you…

  1. Heavy metals, including lead, nickel and tin. If these are mixed with your saliva then they can do untold damage within your body , including damage to the structure and function of your cells. Another metal you’ve got to be aware of is the mercury within your mouth if you have got metallic fillings…if you have the financial capability then change them all.
  2. Organic Pollution including the many insecticides and other contaminants within fresh foods. Buy organic if you can but be aware that for a food producer to be measured as organic it doesn’t mean that the food is completely toxic-free as these producers still use some contaminating substances. The only sure way of knowing that your fresh produce is organic is to grow it yourself…then you would have to check as to whether there are any residual contaminants within the soil you plant in.
  3. Energetic toxins that can play havoc with our own bodily electromagnetic fields so be aware of the amount of use you have both personally and within your homes of electronic appliances including cellphones, computers and the like as they interfere with the energy your body uses in cell repair. Have times within your day when you don’t use any of these devices including the first and last hours of your day.
  4. There are many contaminants within the air we breathe and not just the ones we can see. For instance: viruses and fungus. The only way of ensuring your body can cope with these is to strengthen your immune system.
  5. Emotional toxins…yes they are real because your toxic thoughts can make you very ill. If you don’t metabolize your negative thoughts they can eventually cause diseases such as cancer as they can damage your cells. So work on ways to manage your thoughts. Meditation will help, as long as you know that it is only a method of focusing or concentrating, so ensure that you use this skill for just that (as a focusing skill). Develop strategies on keeping your thoughts throughout your day as positive as possible…so meditation in itself is not a solution to your chaotic life. Life happens as there are negative situations arising on occasions. Therefore look at these situations as learning experiences rather getting tied up in your emotional reactions to them.
  6. Food toxins effect your gut function and therefore your autoimmune system. There is a list of these foods within the chart below but also be cognizant of the Genetically Modified foods keeping away from them as much as possible. Also be aware of the various food additive chemicals that food manufacturers put into certain foods.
  7. Other environmental toxins such as cosmetics, including soaps where there can be found more than 100 toxic substances that are detrimental to your health…so stick to the rule that if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. There are the commonly known contaminants within car exhaust,cigarettes, rubber and plastics but also remember the other ones such as in antacids as well as in canned and other preserved foods. There is a big push to clean up our water supplies as none of it is absolutely pure and contain added chemicals that have a negative effect on your health. There are also natural alternatives to household cleaning agents.

Over 230 carcinogenic chemicals have been measured within the newborn babies over the last few years which were not there a few generations ago. These are most certainly the cause to diseases such as cancer in young children so look at ways to make a child’s environment clear of contaminants .

What other measures can you take to help your body’s natural response to environmental toxicity?

You can use strategies to help your autoimmune system to do its work by detoxifying your body through eating the ‘healing’ foods (some of them listed in the chart below). Give your digestive system a break by cutting down your frequency of eating to even having a 24 hour fast once a week. Ensure that you drink pure water regularly throughout your day (this doesn’t include the water you buy in a plastic containers). An obvious one is to eat as many raw, natural foods as you can. Cut down on the meat use consume (to once or twice per week) and keep away from processed meats altogether…and I have mentioned other strategies within the rest of the text.

Life is a ‘do it yourself ‘ project, but if you want to gain specific ideas to help your own personal situation you can contact me through this website.

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