Health Post – Hair of the Dog

I guess you have heard of and tried different remedies if you have ever suffered from the overindulgence of drinking alcohol and this is the time of the year that you may drink too much. But below are some remedies and reasons that you are best not to drink to excess and what to steer clear of…

Drinks and foods to use. You can drink tea with lemon or espresso coffee – with no milk or sugar added. You can eat a small amount of kefir or natural yoghurt because they are fermented and therefore contain a small amount of alcohol (about 0.5%). You can also drink spicy tomato juice and even the juice of gherkins…if you’re up to it! There are simpler drinks such as plain mineral water (un carbonated as it won’t help your stomach if you put more gas into it). Another simple drink you can have is natural clear chicken soap, but nothing from a packet. You can eat something fermented such as sauerkraut. Lastly you can drink a small amount of alcohol (this is an old remedy but actually works…but only a small amount!) Why? If you have consumed a large amount of alcohol and the body is not used to it the danger lies when blood alcohol drops. When this happens you can get delirium tremens and there is a 30% chance of dying if this state occurs. If someone enters the hospital when this occurs they are given 3 – 4 liters of saline solution and plenty of Vitamin B.

Do not have. So all of the above remedies help but don’t exacerbate the problem by overdosing on alcohol. Also do not have Paracetamol as there is a danger to the already overloaded liver and never combine alcohol and Paracetamol! This can kill you! Also do not have Aspirin as this can course your guts to bleed which can give you major health issues down the line. If you are going to have any food additive then best is Activated Charcoal…and more than the usual dose. You can have Vitamin B as well. Vitamin C is no good for your guts as it may course an attack of gastritis. If you feel like throwing up after drinking too much alcohol you would be best to throw up where you sit (embarrassing as it may be) but if you try to reach the toilet in a unfamiliar place you may rupture your guts when you hold on to it.

Prophylactic measures. So if you think that there is a chance that you are going to overindulge this festive season there are measures you can take to prevent the occurrence. The easy one to do (but harder to control for some) is not to over-drink. Do not mix your drinks throughout the evening, and this helps more than you think. The best meals to have as they slow down the absorption of alcohol are meals that contain jellied meats and potatoes with butter. Be pre-prepared.

Suffering through overindulgence is only ever self inflicted suffering and a choice that only you take responsibility for.

If you want to have advice on the best health or lifestyle measures to take you can get it through this website for a small fee.

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