Health Post – How to Suffer Pain Better

This is a most interesting topic and from a male’s perspective I’ve been told throughout my life that women suffer pain a lot better than men do. And I must admit on only the evidence of experience I would suspect that to be a correct general statement and the old argument that we are a different species comes to mind. But I am not going to go there as it would be fruitless in this case…

What I am interested in though is how people can suffer pain better.

Pain is a Signal. As I have stated previously pain is a signal from our body that things are not functioning correctly and the most important thing to understand is that instead of getting rid of pain as a first priority we should firstly investigate why there is pain. These days most people will take the option of using drugs to mask the signal of pain which only gets rid of the symptom rather than the cause. For example ‘headaches’ could be due to a myriad of causes such as neck pain, dehydration or low blood sugar so there are natural solutions to these issues rather than needing to revert to a medication.

We don’t have problems – we have puzzles. Sometimes if we view a particular obstacle it seems to be insurmountable if we see it as a problem rather than a puzzle because puzzles can be thought through and a solution can be found but a problem may be seen as a barrier. This may seem to be talking semantics but the way you view things changes your perspective and therefore as far as pain is concerned, you will read it as a signal to a situation that you can cure personally rather than leaving up to someone else. This taking the responsibility for your own health is very empowering.

Time is the best healer for most self-inflicted situations. Again I push the point that reverting to medications for a signal your body puts out that you have overdone something (e.g. Overeaten, eaten a food that disagrees with you or overextended yourself in a particular exercise) does not solve the issue. In fact it is a negative ‘solution’. Using medications that mask signals from your bowels that you have eaten something that doesn’t agree with you could be masking a more serious medial condition and should be investigated. By the same token if you use Anti Inflammatory Drugs to get rid of the body’s natural response to injury is also counterproductive in that these drugs actually destroy soft tissues, particularly when taken for any length of time and can affect other soft tissues such as those in your heart. This causes more major negative health issues down the line. The point I’m making here is that you can find natural therapies that will cure the dis-ease of the body without causing negative side effects… because these side effects are only signals that your body is producing that things are not right? So don’t look for instant results as more than likely these results aren’t the cure.

Don’t look for perfection, look for progress. So using natural solutions may take longer to rid yourself of pain (such as ice and rest instead of Anti Inflammatory Drugs) but they don’t have side effects if you stick to a safe methodology (overusing ice can give you ice burn for instance). In this case your skin is giving you a signal that you have overdone things and your skin can give you other signals that something internally is not functioning correctly (e.g. With foods allergies etc.)

Believe that everything can get better. At the beginning of physical discomfort the signal is that you are not doing something right but if the situation becomes chronic because a solution has not been found then the situation has a mental aspect to it. People become hypersensitive to pain and this can cause psychological issues. There is the need for a multifaceted approach in this case as the most important factors is the psychological one. Working on a positive mental attitude will pay dividends in the long run. If I investigated this part of the topic of pain thoroughly it would take a paragraph of a book but suffice to say that it should be highlighted as one of the major aspects of a solution to chronic pain.

The bottom line is to look at pain in a positive light and see it as a puzzle that needs to be solved. This of course this goes for psychological pain as well…

If you wish to have individual advice please contact me through this website.

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