Health Post – Know the Food You Eat

There’s a ‘new’ saying ‘Let Food Be Your Medicine’ but really we must go back to eating foods our mother’s dished up to us those many years ago…although may I make a proviso on that statement by adding…’but a little more appetizing.’ But more than this, we should understand what we are putting into our mouths if our desire is to live a healthier life.

  • Now I have been through the importance of not having processed coffee before but do you know that some instant coffee brands actually put animal embryos in the coffee to make people more addicted to it? The very best solution to the question as to whether you drink instant coffee if offered a cup is to stick to water! And even with natural coffee brands you should also stick to locally produced coffee if possible because the shelf life of natural coffee is only one month and you also should have it freshly ground.
  • What’s good for some people is not necessarily good for others. I have touched on this idea before but try to stick to foods that are locally and organically produced as much as possible…and that have been eaten by your ancestors for many generations. We can get away with eating the foods of another culture on occasions, but we shouldn’t have these foods on a regular daily habit. Some of these foods affect the fauna in our gut – causing ‘leaky gut ‘ problems etc.
  • If you desire ‘tasty foods’ obviously keep away from any processed foods as the taste of them is nearly always synthetically produced. Learn to use herbs and spices and know their health enhancing properties. But be cognizant of overdoing these for the reason in the paragraph above.
  • A lot of disease in our body is caused by inflammation in our bodies…which is a normal response the body has as a reaction to doing something that we shouldn’t do but to help the body to control inflammation, there are foods that are in the group of Natural Medicines. These are : Raw Cacao; Acai Berry; Green Leafy Vegetables; Maca (a root from South America consumed in powder form); Turmeric (which has Cur-cumin as an active component ); Ginger (best from a fresh root form) and Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. All these foods have anti inflammatory properties.
  • Keep completely away from any product that is termed ‘Diet’ because it contains a list of chemicals as long as your arm and that are toxic to your body. And if your answer to that when you are making the choice of a soft drink such as Coca Cola just remember that if you ever want an absolutely white,clean toilet bowl, this drink contains an ingredient that can do that if you tip a full can of the stuff and leave it overnight…so what is it doing to the lining of your gut?

So am I being over-cautious? If this is your belief, do your own research and stick to the staple dietitians mantra ‘Eat a variety of natural foods in moderation and a diet that contains mostly vegetables,’ and may I add ‘be certain that you know what you’re eating…

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