Fitness Post – Common Workout Mistakes that Stymie your Progress

Love this photo of an 82-year-old lady doing Deadlifts and reminds me of some basic mistakes people make in their fitness programs…not that she is making any mistakes but people use all sorts of excuses for not making progress (age being one of them) but this is an example that age should not be a factor.

I have gone through some mistakes before but I will refresh some ideas…if you are not making the progress you were hoping for the following ideas may help…

  • You may be either exercising without enough effort or too much. There is a balance with the amount of effort you need to make to make progress. If you are continuously tired and experiencing muscle soreness you are exercising too hard so back off a bit after having a full week’s rest. In fact you should have a week’s rest every three months so factor that into your program. Some people use the time they workout as a social occasion rather than concentrating on what they are doing so check out the amount of time you spend in whatever you are doing such as talking to someone else or watching television if you are in a gym. There is nothing wrong with social contact, just control the time you spend with it and complete your workouts before you put your mind into something else.
  • Concentrate completely on what you are doing. This is allied to the last comment in the paragraph above. The point is, most people take the rest of the lives with them into the gym or any other mode of exercise they are doing which is to the detriment of improving in their exercise workout. So spend a few minutes before you start going through what you need to do to place your mind into the present. A trick I use if my mind wonders at any time during my exercise program is to ask myself as to whether I am present. Another trick I use is to get my mind ‘into my body’ by concentrating on and controlling my breathing…as you would do if meditating.
  • Form positive habits both physically and mentally. You should have a routine and a pattern to your program but sometimes we may get lazy and miss a part of our program because life gets in the way and we lack the time for a full workout. So don’t make the mistake of missing a part of the program but do less of all parts to your program. You may even have a backup routine for the times you need to do something important in the other parts to your life, which means that you switch to that when time is short. This way you have a plan rather than skip the routine. Personally I have a One Exercise Workout if this happens so a workout that would take 30 minutes takes less than 10 minutes if needs be (but the routine always contains all the elements of a full workout). The key thing is is to have a plan.
  • Some people who start a routine either have too high an expectation with the results or they aim too low. Get expert advice to start with, and the expertise shouldn’t come from a friend who has a little more experience but no understanding of the underlying concepts of setting up a successful exercise program. A little bit of knowledge doesn’t cut it in this case.
  • Another topic I have covered before is to ensure you have the correct program for your personal needs so do some research before you start any exercise mode and always have a plan! Now not all plans work out but at least you can change it as you have a concrete basis to work from.
  • If one of the aims of your program is to loose weight you are ‘barking up the wrong tree’. An exercise program has many benefits to your health (one of them is to control your weight) but if your diet is not what it should be then any exercise routine won’t help. Also concentrate on one thing at a time and I suggest that you work on your diet first before you start an exercise program as forming great eating habits doesn’t cost time and will pay dividends in giving the energy you need to exercise.

Procrastination is a habit of the mind. To get rid of this negative habit change the way you start your day…get up earlier, do a short 10-minutes of calisthenics and have a cold shower. Doing these things will wake you up and give you a positive state of mind …and the cold shower is supposed to kickstart the creative part of your mind. Having this type of routine is the key to changing your attitude about all parts of your life…worth giving it a try?

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