Health Post – Don’t Underestimate Magnesium Deficiency

With our modern diet we miss out on vital nutrients and Magnesium is one of the more prevalent ones. Firstly let me state that having enough of all nutrients is important for optimal health but lack of Magnesium can be life threatening – so don’t underestimate lacking it!

So let’s go through some of the symptoms, or signals your body gives out that could be a lack of Magnesium in your diet –

  • Sore muscles: lack of Magnesium is one of the main reasons for muscular pain. Magnesium is connected to the oxygen supply of our cells so if you get muscle spasms, tremors or convulsions investigate your Magnesium levels.
  • Arterial Calcification: this is a more dangerous one for the obvious reason that it can lead to heart problems. Some of you who are First Aiders may know that people who have strokes are given a Magnesium injection to ensure their levels are high enough as one of the primary steps in recovery.
  • High Blood Pressure: lack of sufficient Magnesium can be the cause of High Blood Pressure (research has shown that people who have sufficient Magnesium have a 70% less risk of having High Blood Pressure). Obviously get your Magnesium levels checked if your Blood Pressure is on the rise…
  • Tiredness: this can be caused by various factors so don’t over read it but one of the major causes can be the lack of sufficient Magnesium.
  • Sleep disorders: this is another signal your body produces that can have other causes but if you can discount those then investigate lack of enough Magnesium because our Magnesium levels drop at night and are connected to normal Central Nervous System function.
  • Connected to these last two symptoms is lack of energy in the morning.
  • Osteoporosis: this is due to Calcium deficiency as we know but please understand that Magnesium is important in the activation of Vitamin D, which is necessary in the absorption of Calcium. (Everything is connected after all).
  • Kidney Stones: Having sufficient Magnesium is also important in cutting your risk of getting kidney stones, so another reason to check your Magnesium levels.
  • Chocolate Addiction: now we’re talking about true chocolate addiction here where it’s more than a psychological love of chocolate but a physiological craving, particularly for dark chocolate.

So if you suspect that you have a Magnesium deficiency the foods that are rich in Magnesium are Spinach, Chard, Pumpkin seeds, Yoghurt or Kefir, Almonds, Black Beans, Avocado, Figs, Banana…and Dark Chocolate. (I have placed a chart below from Dr. Axe with the levels of Magnesium per serving of these foods). Obviously best to have Organic foods if you can afford it to ensure you gain the Magnesium you may need.

As I have stated before some food scientists say that one of the major contributing factors to modern diseases is the lack of sufficient nutrients in our diet. Don’t over-read the signs and symptoms of lack of Magnesium but certainly take heed of them and discount this cause after investigation.

(If you seek Nutritional advice specifically to your requirements you can contact me through this website and prices start as low as $25).

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