Fitness Post – Understand What You’re Doing

Last Fitness Post I talked about teaching yourself within your exercise program. Part of that is ensuring you understand the underlying mechanisms of the exercise mode you’re using and also ensuring you’re doing it properly. And I have always advocated that you should question everything. I’m not advocating being negative in this approach as the question can be internal as well as what someone has said…you’ve read, seen or listened to.

Even though I may know some things about health and fitness after thinking on the subjects and working with people these many years part of my morning mantra is ‘I know nothing.’ This is not an admission of ignorance but everyone needs to know more and be excited about the times when you have a chance to gain more knowledge. This positive emotional approach is the key to learning something rather than remembering it for a time, then forgetting about it.

So question yourself about why you are doing the program and the exercises you’re doing and ensure you gain enough knowledge to get the most out of it. After all we live in a world of instant access of information on any subject we are studying through the Internet but when you use this device try to be as present as you possibly can to check as to whether the information you’re gaining resonates positively with you….there’s a lot of ‘rubbish’ out there. So if it makes sense intuitively use it.

If something has been said to you that you don’t fully understand, study the subject some more so that you do. I’ve heard the lament over the years ‘I’m too dumb to learn that!’ But even though this may be your underlying paradigm you can talk yourself out of that belief by taking steps that you are not! I have always seen everyone…and I mean everyone in front of me as possessing the potential for lifting themselves to the heights to do things that at the beginning seem to be impossible. Always aim for ‘the sky’ as anything less is putting yourself into the ‘mediocre’ box in anything you do…and everyone is better than that.

So study to understand, practice it and develop each skill so that you can attain a higher level of that skill, then live it. Then start the process again to reach a higher level, and so on…

True knowledge is living what you believe.

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