Health Post – Nano Technology in Purifying Water

I’ve talked about the importance of hydration and ensuring you get enough water for health in previous Posts, but I want to cover the purification of drinking water here and using Nano Technology in this Post.

In the picture that heads this Post is a canister very similar to the ones my wife and I use to purify our personal drinking water and we have used them for about seven years. Before purchasing them we did our research in how Nano Technology works and why it is important to use it.

We happen to live in a place where the water is deemed to be one of the top two best drinking waters in the world because it comes from an underground source and contains many minerals in it, but we still use our drinking filters because there is a certain amount of human intervention in our city’s water supply.

I don’t wish to go into the underlying technology of Nano but just to say that, as the name suggests, Nano works on the minute molecular level to rid the water of chemical and mineral contaminants as well as rearranging the water molecules in the purification process. This rearrangement places the water molecules back to their purest form as they are degraded in our supplying processes.

To give you an idea of what it tastes like think about drinking from an un-contaminated high mountain stream. When we have given friends a taste of it we also get them to drink ordinary tap water first. In this way they can taste the chemicals within the tap water as compared with the pure, chemical taste of Nano water.

Nano Technology doesn’t come cheap but when the price is competitive it will be used in the large scale purification of city water supplies. Research is still going on in places such as Africa on smaller scales in the purification of the water supplies of small villages.

There are many water purification methods on the market at present and some are more effective than others but nothing comes close to the effectiveness of Nano Technology because it works on the structure of the water molecules themselves (the micro particle level where the alternatives take a certain amount of the contaminants out). To have an understanding of how it works look to the experiments of the Japanese scientist who showed the effect on water particles of certain types of music…rhythmical classical music bringing the water particles back to their purest state as compared with the discordant sound of some modern music which has the opposite effect. In this case the energy technology is within the patterns of the sounds.

I am not pushing this idea as a hard sell as I am not selling anything but to make you cognizant of it and do your own research if it has some interest to you if you desire to be healthier?

Our health status is dependent upon what we do everyday…one way or the other.

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