Fitness Post – The Pedagogical Approach to Exercise

Yes, I have used a technical term in my title for this post and of course it means methods of teaching and I use it unashamedly in my approach to my clients but I really mean understanding and using this approach on yourself in your fitness program. I feel that it is one of the most important aspects of exercising effectively and in long term compliance to any program. And of course it is not just the cognitive understanding of why and how you exercise but the only true knowledge we have is actually living that knowledge. Otherwise it’s just words which are only noise we make until we experience it.

I have always advocated in my Posts that you should question everything but you should find your answers within in how it feels to you rather how you think. Thinking is just the words and pictures we make in our heads and that is controlled by our conscious mind and our underlying paradigms. Feeling is reaching the part of our mind that answers the questions in a higher sense…and I don’t wish to get into that subject as a philosophical discussion but to place it in front of you as ‘a way of thinking ‘. As people have said to explain it is to ‘think with your heart instead of your head’…which, by the way, I believe a very inadequate way of saying it? Maybe I like the term better of ‘getting your body to think instead of your head’?

But at least go through the process of understanding the reasons behind what and why you do it. After all we all already know what’s either good or bad for us but I suggest that you should always attempt to access that part of your mind for your answers. And of course that shouldn’t be based on your assumptions and prejudices etc. So listen to your body when finding your answers when you try anything new in your exercise program as it will send you out signals as to what is right and what is wrong. And if I look at my personal experiences I am guilty of taking no notice of these signals on numerous occasions. Life is a journey of our own volition after all. And the point I’m making here is that it most important you learn from your negative experiences and move on in a positive direction rather than going around in the same loop of negative experiences time a again. This is another important aspect of what true knowledge is. As adults we forget how to ‘play’ like we did as children but it is the most fundamental way of learning.

So do your research not just for important external technical knowledge you need to make progress in your exercise program but also always place yourself into your body and out of your mind. Study by moving and experiencing your body’s reaction, not just reading, watching and listening to other people’s experiences.

I hope this is all clear but I believe it essential to understand to make any significant and continuous progress in your exercise program.

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