Fitness Post – Dealing with Injuries

I have to admit to my share of injuries over the years and of course ongoing problems as my ego forgets my age…but my body doesn’t! So what have a learned over the years?

  • The most important aspect of recovery is your mindset. Obviously it has to be positive, but more than this people dwell on the negative aspects of injury because it stops them for a period of time from doing what they love doing. So there is frustration there. But it is imperative that you let your body do the recovering because that is a natural part of existence and look to ways that the injury is a positive. That’s hard when you are in a negative mindset. So try to work around the injury on any aspect of your condition that needs work – such as technique. You may be still unrestricted with movements without placing any load on the injured part, so if possible do that. But if not work on the mental part of your sport or activity and know that using imagination by going through your techniques in your mind is almost as good as doing it! (This has been proven in experiments over the years). Your imagination is a powerful tool and don’t think that you aren’t good at using it because you have created the world you live in with it.
  • Don’t revert to using any medication as this is the foremost knee jerk reaction and is very counterproductive in the long term. Swallowing anti inflammatory drugs will get rid of the inflammation initially but these drugs destroy the soft tissues of the joints and can be very addictive if taken often and long term. (Any more than 15 times in a month and you are addicted according to experts). So use natural methods of decreasing the inflammation such as ice and heat in the appropriate parts of the body. Even over the counter drugs are very damaging to your health, so stay away from those as well. Also remember that inflammation is a natural response of your body and even increase it in parts of the body such as around your spine by using heat rather than ice in this case. Look to other natural methods of decreasing inflammation in the foods that you eat (this would take a full posting in itself but you can easily find this specific information on the Internet). Using Water Recovery methods may also be an option in keeping the swelling down when moving with an injury.
  • Once you have got rid of the initial inflammation try to first gain full movement before loading the body. Most people will try to push the envelope by moving into loaded movements too early but if you have got your mind in the right place this won’t happen?
  • Get expert advice if needed because these people know how to help you if they have any experience in doing so…so use them and take heed of the advice they give you. This may seem logical but it is amazing how many people think that the advice they were given did not work when they didn’t actually use it…

I wanted to keep this post short because the answer is simple. The key to dealing with injuries though is to get your mindset right…so reread the first paragraph. I have posted information in previous posts on how to deal with specific injuries so I will not cover any of that here. Also understand that I have made all the mistakes personally so keep mindful of them constantly…and even someone who knows a bit about recovery forgets their own advice at times. There is that great saying that making a mistake once is part of the learning process, but making the same mistake over and over again is insanity.

I wake myself up every morning with the mantra that I am no one special (nobody is) and I know nothing. It’s not a put down but it keeps the feet firmly on the ground. So always question everything until you find the answer that resonates with your true self. How do you do that? Don’t use your mind as it tells you what you want it to say, go by what feels right.

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