Health Post – Facts I’ve Learnt About Health I Didn’t Know 5 Years Ago

In last week’s Health Posts I went over concepts I’ve learnt about health that I didn’t know five years ago but this week I want to go over some specific facts…

  • Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs aren’t that good for your health. In using them to decrease inflammation you also destroy your cartilage and other soft tissues in your joints – so using them actually is counterproductive in helping your body recover from trauma. Better to use either heat or ice (depending upon where the inflammation is in your body). This brings me to another point in that in places in the body such as your spine it is better to use heat rather than ice as it is more effective in increasing your blood circulation rather than slowing it down – which also slows your body’s natural response in recovery. NSAIDs are also not good for your heart and circulatory system. So keep away from them and use natural methods that don’t have these side effects. Time is the best healer.
  • Use natural methods to drop your blood pressure if it is deemed high rather the blood pressure medications as these drugs have side effects that are harder on your body than having a blood pressure that is higher the the average normal range. And using machines that measure blood pressure are most times extremely inaccurate! Everyone’s blood pressure is only absolutely stable when we are in deep sleep and is dependent on several factors. I’ve found that taking people’s blood pressures over the years that I need to take a series of them over a number of months to get an accurate indication as several people who were completely outside the normal range of blood pressure and who took medication to control it felt far worse in taking it and often fainted. I suggest you don’t panic by taking medication if your blood pressure is measured high and work at controlling it using natural methods such as staying hydrated and looking more closely at your stress response to life situations as well as taking stock of other lifestyle indicators as a primary ‘treatment’.
  • There are many toxins within our environment that we don’t take into account of when working on decreasing them. Toxins that are not seen such as electronic fields in our overuse of the many electrical devices we use everyday have an effect on our body’s natural electrical energy systems. There are also many chemicals within our environment such as cleaning agents and even skin products have a negative effect on our health. A good rule of thumb in using these agents is that if you can’t eat it don’t use it as a cleaning agent or use it directly on your skin because the skin is a permeable membrane which absorbs anything we put on it.
  • Another fact I didn’t know about five years ago is that only a third of the world’s population can digest cows milk and even Caucasians can only digest it properly before the age of 18 at best. Also the calcium in milk is not digested and to prove the point the incidence of osteoporosis in New Zealand is the highest in the world when their consumption of milk is also the highest. A better way to ensure you get the calcium you need is to have a quarter teaspoon of finely crushed egg shells in your morning smoothie (if you don’t like that, look at the calcium levels of natural foods).
  • The incidence of bowel cancer is high in countries where there is a high consumption of red meat. I am not an advocate of being Vegan Vegetarian as there are a lack of minerals and vitamins in such diets but you only need to consume red meat once or at a maximum twice a week to get your quota you need from red meat.
  • Take note of the signals your body is giving you after the consumption of all foods and if you have a negative reaction from whatever you eat – such as excess wind or heartburn you should try not eating that food for a time. You don’t need antacids as they only mask the symptoms to the cause of the problem.

I have only covered a few more health facts here because I have covered these ideas in previous posts but I keep on laboring the point that once you take full responsibility for your health will you also take the time to educate yourself on what is fact and what is not…and once you have this knowledge that it only becomes real knowledge when you live it.

Alwaysquestion everything…including what I write here.

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