Health Post – Facts I Didn’t Know About Health 5 Years Ago

So stay active and eat natural foods in moderation. Those facts haven’t changed, but what of looking at health from a different perspective? Certainly making the time to research the topic in general has helped to give me an insight into how the body and the mind work for optimal health. So I will very briefly go through some facts that have changed my way of thinking over the last few years…

  • Your world is how you see it. Now what has this got to do with your health? Well everything really as if you control your thoughts you control your world…including your health. We continuously manifest the world we live in as our individual reality is different from everyone else’s and this is due to our own underlying paradigms and experiences. This fact was hard to get my head around until I read and re read Quantum Physics books…and until I actually understood what they were saying. Their theories have been proven time and again with certain famous experiments. So once you understand that you actually control things you take responsibility and control of your health.
  • Most ‘Modern’ Diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease and Cancers are not diseases at all but are symptoms of your underlying paradigms and your way of life…in other words a toxic external and internal environment. Nearly all disease is a symptom of your immune system not working the way it should. We bombard our body’s natural response to negative influences with manufactured food, poisonous chemicals including the pharmaceutical products that actually weaken our natural immune system and the very sedentary lifestyle we lead.
  • Very few diseases and physical conditions have a genetic basis. From a generation who pinned all ailments on genetic predisposition this fact was also hard to get my head around. Now there are people with a genetic predisposition to disease and conditions I grant that, but this does not control the chances of getting the disease…it is the lifestyle that ultimately controls that. So you control your health as I stated in the first paragraph.
  • All natural foods are not healthy for you. There are certain foods that we have a strong tolerance for and others that are not depending on several factors – where you live and where the food was produced; your age as some younger people or older people have a greater or lesser tolerance to certain foods depending on factors such as gut maturity etc. and the state of your health in general…including the drugs you are taking. (Have a look at my series on various foods). 
  • We are not separate from our environment including every living organism within it. (I include the whole cosmos within this concept). All ‘Shamanic’ people believe that this is the basis to ill health including the mental and physical state of the world as we see it today. They say that once we know this as a fact there would be no conflict between individuals or nationalities and this harmony would have a huge effect on our health on so many different levels. Once we see that we are part of a whole then we will find the inner peace and happiness everyone is striving for. This is not a ‘New Way’ of thinking but a very old  and has pragmatic implications to our health.

These are only general concepts but very powerful ones if you are prepared to put some time into contemplating them. Your health is your choice.

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