Health Post – Know Your Food – Grapefruit 

Grapefruit has been pushed for its health benefits over the years…its content of Vitamin C and fiber etc. but let’s have a closer look at this fruit and the other side to the coin.

Now here’s a fact that food scientists have come up with in recent years. People who use grapefruit as a way of losing weight with the ‘Grapefruit Diet’ can decrease their lifespan by 20 years if they don’t eat it correctly. Their advice to people who are thinking to go on this diet is ‘Don’t do it!‘ A great rule of thumb as to whether any food that you eat is good for you or not is to give it to an animal to eat…and monkeys will not eat grapefruit. 

Grapefruit is a great cleaning product, far better than any commercial product you can buy, particularly to get rid of grease in your kitchen. But eating grapefruit on a regular basis can increase a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer by 37% according to research done in the United States. They used a study population of 50,000 women and discovered that grapefruit has got two ingredients in it that effect women particularly. This is not all species of grapefruit that have got these ingredients but it is very hard to find a species that don’t have them (maybe two places in the world).

Another fact they found that anyone who eats grapefruit in the sun has a good chance of getting skin cancer. Also don’t eat grapefruit in combination with any medication as this increases the production of toxins in the body that the liver cannot cope with…and this is if you drink grapefruit juice or a piece of grapefruit two to three hours before medication. The combination of the tablets and the ingredients of grapefruit is like swallowing a whole bottle of the medication. Some people have a lower tolerance than others and the medications such as heart pills, antibiotics, antidepressants, contraception tablets, tablets that lower blood pressure and any pills you take for a head cold will have this effect! 

So if you want to use grapefruit to help lose weight you can eat the pith of a grapefruit or smell it and it will have the same effect, just don’t eat the flesh (not that appetizing). If you like the fruit so much you can get away with eating a couple of segments twice a week…but no more.

This advice is not mine and I admit to not liking the fruit (maybe I’m closer to a monkey than I think) and I understand the health benefits of eating citrus fruit, but in light of these findings my suggestion is to keep away from eating grapefruit until you have done your own research.

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