Health Post – Understand the Dangers of Potatoes 

I understand that there is a shortage of potatoes in my home country of New Zealand so I think it is timely that I covered this topic because like all foods, people tend to take them for granted as a daily staple food when variety is the key to healthy food habits…

So firstly and primarily I want to go through some dangers of eating them – 

  • If potatoes become rotten they produce a gas that can be fatal. Always keep them in a cool dark place where air can circulate around them and never keep them in a sealed container such as the plastic bag they come in in most supermarkets. Even fresh looking potatoes can contain poison if they have not been stored properly such as in a case of 78 children and teachers in a South London school who were hospitalized after eating the school lunch that contained potatoes which had been stored in a sunny place for a few days. The potatoes produced a gas that in nature protects them from insects but can be lethal to humans.
  • Throw green potatoes away and just don’t cut the green part out – throw the whole potato away because if a potato turns green it has a poison within it that builds up in our body causing weakness and a feeling unwellness with a lack of energy. This poison can also causes vomiting and diarrhea and in large quantities even death.
  • If potatoes have brown spots also throw them away as they contain a fungus that effects your lungs.
  • Potatoes actually absorb both the good and bad nutrients within the soil – including nitrates that block hemoglobin transport within cells (so cells can’t ‘breathe’ properly). After a few years of consumption of potatoes with a large amount of nitrates (such as many varieties of potatoes in the USA) it will cause arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm). Usually doctors will not be able to detect the cause of this heart problem in this case. The easiest test that you can do to see whether a potato is high in nitrates or not is when cutting it as it should be crisp, not soft.
  • Potatoes build up pesticides that horticulturalists use to control insects. An American Dietitian Jared Kohl has stated that potatoes are one of the top five most dangerous foods because these pesticides cause genetic mutations.
  • If you eat a mostly potato diet for five years or more there is a far greater chance you will be Diabetic. For example – 200 grams of fried potato has the same calories as the same quantity as pork. Of course if you eat potatoes with fatty foods your health rating drops exponentially because your insulin levels are greatly effected!
  • Narcotic Departments measure the potato as number six in addiction rating because they contain a substance that is very addictive and potato chips (or crisps) are rated number three! And of course only 50% of potato chips are actually potato. And even worse is Instant Potato, which contains even less potato.
  • Doctors and Dietitians are also concerned that the starch in potatoes causes your brain to function more slowly as well as there being a lack of concentration. 
  • In some countries the production is not controlled so potatoes there not only contain pesticides and nitrates but also a phosphate substance (the same substance that was used as a lethal gas in the First World War) and are GMO. So don’t buy any potatoes produced in either China or India in particular.

Sounds all negative? The nutrients within potatoes can be obtained from other vegetables – the magnesium contained in potatoes is in higher concentration in carrots for instance. You can boil away some of the nitrates in potatoes, but you also boil away the nutrients that are good for you. People who live in countries where the potatoes originated from such as those of South America have a far greater tolerance to the ill effects of them.

Occasional consumption of potatoes won’t harm you as long as the potato is not green or contains brown spots. Better to buy the organic varieties and even better if you grow them yourself. Don’t keep potatoes in the fridge but in a cool dark place that has plenty of air circulation and definitely not in a plastic bag. Keep away from potato crisps or chips. Certain countries have other uses for potatoes – Russia makes biodegradable plastic from them and Israel batteries?

There are better choices of similar vegetables you can eat such as sweet potatoes.

As always question everything and do your own research if anything I say here doesn’t ring true to you! 

One of the major questions you should ask is why would the governments of countries allow such lack of control of food production to happen? It’s a no-brainer…

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