Fitness Post ‘Fat Burning’ Exercises?

In my humble opinion there are no such exercises as ‘Fat Burning’…that’s the short answer. If you desire to have a leaner physique then it comes down to what and how you eat more than anything else. I could stop there but I guess I had better explain things as to the reasons I state this. It’s not ‘rocket science’ and never will be.

Yes, there are exercise regimens that make you sweat a lot more but after you have rehydrated you put all that fluid back on again. You can go through the web and you will find that there is a myriad of varieties of programs that show you to lose fat around your waist or bottom or legs but I consider that they are only gimmicks. There are programs that give a routine with exercises that in the old days were called ‘calisthenics’ and they use just body weight and whole body movements and I am in favor of these routines because they use natural movements and also have an aerobic effect – but I reiterate that there are no such exercises as ‘fat burning’. 

Now I don’t mind being proven wrong but there is no scientific evidence that shows us that one type of exercise is better than the other as far as controlling fat weight. There is, however, scientific evidence that certain foods and daily dietary habits are better at controlling your overall weight than others. 

Firstly you look at the quantity you eat because if you eat more volume of high density foods you will put on weight that you will have to carry around as compared with lean body weight that carries you around. (Just measure your waistline to check as to whether that weight you have put on is the wrong sort of weight for health maintenance?) If you are active throughout your day it helps to keep you weight in check. 

Your daily eating habits should be consistent and your diet should be mostly made up of vegetables and a controlled amount of fruits (and is arguable about how much) as well as fats, protein (in its many guises) and a good liter of water. Of course to cover your body’s nutritional needs there should be a large variety of foods. Be careful of the grains you eat as a lot of them are GMO. Best to stick to organic if possible and even better if you can grow them yourself. Gardening also is great for general exercise…all this has been said before but be aware of what foods are toxic to your body, particularly processed foods as well as natural foods that contain herbicides and other poisons.

The key to ‘fat burning’ is gaining knowledge and living it.

Forget the hype and remember the fact that there were very few ‘fat people’ 50 years ago…although I don’t like the term ‘fat’, better obese. Why? Because people didn’t overeat, there were far more natural rather than ‘engineered ‘ foods and most jobs and general lifestyle involved a lot more activity.

Now ‘science ‘ isn’t everything, but ‘facts’ have a lot more weight.

Question everything, don’t believe everything you read and ‘tune into’ your intuition…or ‘higher consciousness’ if you like?

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