Fitness Post – How to Achieve Success in Physical Aspirations 

I’ve had a situation that happens quite often with clients where they lose focus in what their primary goal in their conditioning program is, so I thought I would spell it out again. The primary reason why people don’t achieve their goals is because they don’t think they are ‘good enough’ or ‘worthy enough’. If you read that last sentence again you will see how important it is! But here are some ideas that may help you to achieve what you set out to do – this could be being as healthy and fit as you possibly could be, or something a lot bigger…

  • It’s all very well having ‘A Vision’ but to keep the impetus going you need to focus on being fully engaged in what you are doing right now and developing a mastery at the basic skills you need to achieve your Vision.
  • Ensure that you have some form of measuring your progress because this will continually build momentum. This is the key to growth.
  • This is an interesting idea because most people won’t think of it but the more you coach people the more you will learn about whatever pursuit you are after. Giving your time to other people will build a spirit around you that will have an enormous spin off!
  • Learn to think ‘outside the box’. Look at your strengths in other aspects of your life and take these ideas into this part of your life… everything is connected.
  • Be open minded about how you are going to achieve your goals. As long as you have a very clear destination in mind, be flexible about the route you take in getting there. Every obstacle you face is only a stepping stone to ultimate success. Having a plan is essential but be open to changing it if required.
  • Someone very wise once said that ‘humility is not a form of weakness but being completely open to the ideas of others’ and therefore be open to the unknown and quell your fears of change. Accept the help of other people and prepared to shift your ideas and your ways of thinking. To me, this is just important as the first point I made in this Post!
  • This idea is allied to the idea above. If possible have a mentor to maintain a balanced perspective within your program. If you can’t find one, be your own mentor. To do this you need to regularly find a quiet place and try not to think too much at first, just connect with the present moment. This will help you find your ‘super consciousness’. We all have this ability to look at things from another perspective…we just don’t use it enough!
  • Never stop learning…failures are only powerful stepping stones to success.
  • Set completely unrealistic goals. People don’t think big enough! This idea gives you better momentum and live each part of the journey in getting there. Success is not measured in achieving some idealistic goal but being better at what you are doing. Happiness is for right now, not in achieving your ideal goals.

This last point is not an idea…but compulsory – TAKE ACTION… you’ll fail if you don’t do anything!

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