Health Post – Know Your Cabbages

Yes, it’s a flippant title for this week’s Health Post and when you see the variety of cabbages to choose from there really isn’t much difference as far as health benefits between them…but if it comes to the healthiest for this type of vegetable, you can’t go passed broccoli. So what are the health benefits we get from this type of vegetable?

  • They slow down the bacterial growth in our gut…is important because too much bacterial growth is not good for our health as I have stated in a previous Post
  • They have nutrients that strengthen our heart and blood vessels
  • They help excrete excess fluid from our body
  • They help us loose excess weight if needed
  • They help our immune system fight cancer
  • They help lower our Low Density Lipoproteins (LDLs or ‘bad’ cholesterol)
  • They give us more consistent bowel motions
  • And the improve Thyroid function

And cabbage has more Vitamin C than lemons…they also have Iron but our bodies can only use 30% of that iron as compared with 100% of the iron in meat. (And you should only consume meat twice to three times per week). But as I stipulated above, Broccoli has the most health benefits of this type of vegetable and is best at helping our body fighting cancer. But you only need to have this type of vegetable once a week to gain the benefits and you get the most benefits if you eat it raw. The best time to eat broccoli is when it is about to produce flowers as it is the time it has the highest nutritional content.

So you can eat it (broccoli) once a week in combination with cauliflower and peppers in a raw salad and it will increase your immune system’s strength of fighting cancer by 14%. If you cook these vegetables all the vitamins and most of the nutritional content is lost. If you can’t eat them raw then try blanching them for a couple of minutes and eat it with cold-pressed olive oil. If you have a disfunctional Thyroid then cut down on particularly white cabbage and soy products as the hormones in the gland will not function properly. 

And a word of warning here: this type of vegetable is what would be a ‘heavy’ food in that our gut takes longer to break it down than other vegetables, so consuming once or twice a week is good. Now this statement needs to be understood as you can have too much of a good thing! There is no much thing as good or bad natural food…for if we’re looking at nutritional habits (poor habits that is) these are the most important thing to consider compared with consuming specific foods.

By the way – there is no such thing as ‘heath foods’ as it’s just something that us humans have made up and the food industry is cashing in on! Therefore if you eat food that is a better choice for your health only occasionally, you won’t get any positive benefits from it…and by the same token, if you eat food that is considered a poor health choice occasionally you won’t suffer any great ill effects. So it is our everyday eating habits that are the key to eating healthily, not occasional indiscretions! 

The mantra uttered by dietitians and expert nutritionists for many years still holds true…‘Eating a variety of natural foods in moderation is the key to healthy nutrition’. Look at variety and don’t get stuck in the same patterns of eating if you desire the full nutritional and health benefits from food.

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