Fitness Post – Exercise Comparisons 4

In this Post on exercise comparisons I look at the Static Core exercises as compared with the ones that involve movement.

So to the comparisons – 

  • I used a photo that shows one of the various Bridges here to demonstrate a static core exercise but obviously there are more such as the Prone and Supine Bridges. If you look at a comparative core exercise that involves movement you could look at any exercise that is in a seated or standing position, so obviously you could say that there is far more variations to Core exercises that involve movement…but that would be a simplistic point of view. If you compared the exercises that are more core related such as the various crawling movements then this would be a more accurate comparison.
  • So more core specific exercises that involve movement use the body as a whole unit and therefore are more functional as compared with static core exercises such as the Bridges or the McGill Curl Up in that they more closely relate to everyday movements.
  • But is functionality more important than concentrating on an exercise that specifically works the core? And you could say that static core function is just as important as core exercises that involve movement because most of us spend the majority of our day in static positions such as sitting and standing…functionality therefore doesn’t necessarily involve movement. So both types of exercise are as important as each other if you want to develop functionality.
  • But what of other core-related exercises that involve movement? You have got the many variations of Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swinging exercises that use a straight arm swing that I would consider core-related, even though they use the whole body. You have also got hanging exercises (hanging with straight arms from an overhead bar) that use either Single-leg or Double-leg raises. You have also got the various exercises that involve movement but use the core muscles statically such as Single-arm or Double-arm Squatting movements (two of the more advanced ones in the photos below). Here the arm or arms are held straight overhead. 

The point I am making here is that you should look to using a variety of movements in your resistance programs to work the same muscle groups. You should never get bored using the same routine and don’t just use specificity in the choice of your exercises…and understand what functionality really is.

Here are three examples of Core-related exercises…the mind expands when viewing the third example!

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