Health Post – Eat Fat to Lower Cholesterol 

The biggest revolution within the diet and food industry in recent years was the ‘Fat is bad for you’ mantra. The upshot of that was the increase in obesity, heart disease and diabetes! Why? Because the food industry took out fat in processed foods and replaced it with simple carbohydrates. Yes, that simple!

So if we look at the diets of people who live in the far north of our planet (e.g. Eskimos, Laplanders etc.) who eat a lot of meat and high fat fish, we see that they don’t have any of the diseases listed above. So we can eat any fat…right? No. These days Dietitians and Nutritionists say that we should not restrict the fat that is good for our health and keep away from the fat that is not.

So to understand this, let’s put food fat into three categories – 

  • Dangerous Fat or trans fats are in foods such as palm oil, sausages, ice cream and deep fried foods because this type of fat increases bad cholesterol (LDLs) and decreases good cholesterol (HDLs). Now cholesterol is more complex than that, but to save confusion, let’s leave it at that and severely restrict these foods in our daily food intake.
  • Bad Fat is in animal protein such as red meat, cheese, other diary products like milk and butter, and some fish (particularly fish oil)  which increases the total cholesterol in our blood (depending upon the underlying pathology). Some people drink milk because they want the Vitamin D, but it is only in there when there is human intervention.  Also to utilize any vitamin body needs other nutrients. Only eat red meat twice to three times per week maximum…so restrict these foods.
  •  Just as an aside here: the Ukrainian dish of Salo (basically pure fat) actually cleans out the arteries of  bad cholesterol because it has a specific acid in it…of course it has a very high caloric content so needs to be only eaten in very small quantities every day to have the same effect as Statin Drugs. If you’re not keen on that eat a small amount of fish and nuts every day instead of taking Statin Drugs? 
  • Good Fat is in nuts, flaxseed, beans, avocado and broccoli which lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. These foods also thin the blood and are very good in combating cancer, osteoporosis and arrhythmia (irregular heart beat). Natural salmon would be in second places to these foods but be aware that farmed salmon has 40% less of the good cholesterol in it than it’s natural counterpart. 

If you have heart problems you must have foods such as fish and nuts but stay completely away from foods in the ‘dangerous ‘ category. 

If you want a general ‘rule of thumb ‘ on daily caloric intake then for men it should be no more than 1800 per day…for women 1500. 

Another fact is that it has now been proven scientifically that eggs don’t increase your blood cholesterol at all and you can eat up to three a day.

Take Home Message: When you hear any information that is said to revolutionize the food industry question it…there may be a reversal of the findings soon after! 

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