Health Post – Know What You Eat

This is the second posting in a small series of two about knowing what you are eating…particularly in food products interfered with by humans. Even the fresh produce we eat can be toxic to our digestive systems and seeming that 70% of our immune system is located in our gut they therefore can compromise our health. I know that I have labored on about this in my previous posts but I think that this subject is that important.

I continue my findings on specific products on the market that you should be aware of  – 

  • When they talk about oil for consumption don’t believe that the oil has no cholesterol if it is stated, because all oil has cholesterol in it…what would be more correct to state is that the oil has no ‘bad’ cholesterol in it (and this is true). Personally we use either flaxseed and cold-pressed olive oil for salads and sunflower or rice oil mixed with animal fat for cooking. We have been told to keep away from animal fat in my generation but if we do we miss some essential nutrients in doing so. Obviously control quantities, but that goes for any food. But you should keep away from palm oil and soy oil. With mayonnaise and most other sauces etc. it is best to make them up yourself if you wish to have control of what you consume? 
  • ‘Fitness’ products: I have raved on about these products in previous posts but them being touted as ‘Fitness Products’ they have to be healthy for you…right? One of my elite football players literally lived on energy bars and as a result had several crippling injuries, in particular a compound fracture of the femur (large thigh bone) which ended his professional career. The most important facts about these products is that they lack essential nutrients and a large percentage of them have a very high calorie content. So if you must have them, be judicious about what products you buy and if you desire to control your weight a high percentage of them have a high content of simple sugars within them. Here I am talking about the ‘Health’ bars and Energy drinks…most Energy drinks also have a high caffeine content and if you have read a previous post on coffee, you will know that although you get an energy boost initially, you will get a dramatic drop in energy about a half hour after their consumption (unless you drink water at that time.) These products in general are a waste of your money and any positive effect you gain from them is only in your mind (placebo effect).

As I stated at the end of my last posting, know exactly what you are eating by doing your own research if you desire great health. Always ask the question of ‘what is wrong with this product ‘ when you see some new product on the supermarket or pharmacy shelves that extols it’s amazing virtues for improving your health. Question everything…including what I write here…

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