Health Post – Advertising and Food

In my reality this post is one of the most important messages I wish to convey in my blogs because the topic dramatically affects our health. If we desire to understand the consequences of what I would describe ‘loose’ advertising (although some would take the harder line and call it ‘false’) when it comes to food products…we need to take a closer look at the claims of the advertising and read and understand the labels and then decipher their meaning. Think about it: if something has got a label on it, a certain amount of processing (human intervention) had gone on…

On our television screens or when we walk into a supermarket we are ‘attacked’ with subliminal messages and being cognizant of it is only half the battle. I constantly remind people who read my blogs to question everything…including what I write because to desire great health requires us to think differently than how we do now. We are offered products that seem to create miracles …we pay more and more money for these ‘new’ and ‘improved’ products…so let’s look at which products are in reality good for our health and are worth the money we spend on them and which are not?

  • An example of ‘miracle’ advertising in recent years are breakfast products that contain ‘zero’ fat or ‘zero’ cholesterol as an imperative measure we need to take to lessen our chances of getting dis-eases such as heart disease and cancer? You’ve got to ask the underlying question of do we think that the processed food industry really cares about our health and also understand that their primary goal is to make money. So firstly we must ask the question ‘what is wrong with this product?when we see a new product on our supermarket shelves.  All claims of miracles set aside.
  • Let’s look at a product category more closely. When they introduced zero fat diary products they took out most of the fat and replaced it with simple carbohydrates (sugar if we were lucky). For example in a very small pot of yoghurt there is 2 teaspoons of sugar. So, some facts. The only way you can ensure that you consume something with zero fat is if you drink pure water. (Being slightly sarcastic here as there will always be traces of fat in zero fat products.) Secondly, it took the medical industry years to catch up to the fact that fat is actually good for you as it provides important nutritional needs and when they found that these zero fat products came out on the shelves the incidence of heart disease and cancer went up!
  • Now here is a product that disturbs me intensely on several levels: probiotics. An increasing number of people these days are suffering a condition called dysbiosis which is most commonly found in our small intestine where there is an overgrowth of bacteria. This condition is said to cause periodontal disease, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, obesity and cancer – to name a few. The big product marketed these days are the various forms of probiotics. Now it would be great if the manufacturers of these products actually produced what they claim – that these products are especially manufactured to help correct this imbalance and overgrowth of bacteria. But there is no regulation at the moment to check these claims (because it’s not a drug) and independent research has found that these products have no difference in the quantities of  ‘good’ bacteria than the far cheaper versions on the market such as natural no sugar yoghurts and the like.
  • Genetically Modified: any soy, rice or wheat products in the world today are basically all GMO. And why is that so important? Because our bodies are not built to take GMO (remember that they are manufactured by humans, not nature) so these manufactured products are toxic to our biochemistry…hence one of the major reasons of the increase in modern diseases. What about other products? Take all the varieties of sausages (in all their guises). A major majority of these processed products have soy in them as a ‘filler’ and don’t believe it if they tell you that it is all meat as it wouldn’t be a sausage otherwise? Unless a country has strict guidelines about producing non GMO products (such as Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg…New Zealand is a country that has only recently started this control) then you can be sure that you have many GMO products on your supermarket shelves. These countries mentioned may not produce GMO products but what about the control of imported products? If you pay more money for a non GMO product it is money down the drain: period!

I am not scaremongering…at least not intentionally…but you should be informed and it is your choice as to whether you desire to be healthy or not. Many people suffer gut problems and as I’ve said before, 70% of our immune system is in the gut…so it obviously compromises our immune system. 

In next  week’s Health Post I will cover a few more products which you should think about…and thinking is not knowledge unless you apply it? With love…

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