Health Post – Using Cellphones Causes Depression?

In recent Posts I have talked about the poor posture developing in more and more people these days causing various health issues and health professionals (such as Chiropractors and Naturopaths) seeing younger children with chronic problems with their necks (as young as 6 years of age) but what about mental issues such as depression? Anecdotally these professionals see that a large percentage of these patients with depression as well, but is this caused by the long term use of Anti-inflammatory drugs more than the poor posture? 

This post is more a question that is worth thinking about in light of the increase in depression and suicide in countries where there is also an increase in the use of cellphones and portable computers such as iPads etc. And children of younger and younger ages using these devices put their necks in that compromised position where the natural curve straightens out and impinging the many nerves that travel along the outside of the cervical spine. There has been a catastrophic increase in teenage suicide in the last two decades and maybe I am being melodramatic in even suggesting that there is a link with the corresponding use of cellphones and iPads, I’m honest in saying that I don’t know, but I’m very sure it should be looked into by Biomechanical specialists as to a contributing cause.

Far too often people will use drugs as the primary treatment of the many modern dis-eases when modern medical systems should be looking into the causes of these conditions. The pill culture has been with us for far too long now (nearly a century) and it is about time we moved away from this and looked at the traditional medical practices that had no side effects! This includes the drugs that are used in the treatment of depression at the moment where one of the major side effects is suicidal thoughts! If this isn’t a form of modern insanity, I don’t know what is…

So as far as regaining the natural curve in the neck we not only should be doing exercises to correct the problem, we also need to look at the various habitual behaviors, such as the time and way we use our electronic communication devises (such as holding our cellphones at eye height, ensuring that the middle of our computer screens are placed at a little above eye height, that we have a break from their usage). I can’t see a time in the very near future that we can give up the usage of these electronic communication devices and I’m sure that there will be screens that we can change the position of easily in future, but at least we could have a good percentage of our days not using them? It would be great if we could find our innate tools for telepathy…but that is just a science fiction topic at the moment. Mind you when I was in primary school the use of telephones where you could see the person you were talking to was science fiction…

…and here’s me taping out this post on my iPad now…but at least it is at eye height.

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