Health Post – Getting Rid of a Pain in the Gut!

Medical Scientists say that at least 65% of all diseases are from a disfunctional gut and we have all suffered from a swollen belly caused by excessive wind. It can be debilitating and what pleasure we get from releasing it! Really,  it’s just another signal our body is telling us that we have a problem in our digestive system and we should do something about it…

There are many chemical solutions in our pharmacies that can give us relief but they are only masking the problem and they shut down the body’s natural response to deal with it. But what causes excessive wind in the first place?

  • We swallow air when we eat. This happens when we talk as we eat and this causes a buildup of air in our gut. We should pause in answering a question and finish chewing before swallowing food. The answer to any question is not as important as the discomfort in swallowing air or even chocking while eating?
  • Being emotionally stressed (whether positive or negative) when eating because the food gets to the stomach too quickly because we tend to swallow it without chewing it properly and this also creates a problem with the absorption of food.
  • Incorrect eating habits (and I admit to being guilty of this) as some of us eat too fast and therefore not chewing our food thoroughly. Some people eat on the run and don’t eat their food consciously (i.e. don’t gain full pleasure of eating by using all their senses while eating in that they eat in front of the television or computer). 
  • We eat food when it is too hot or very spicy foods that don’t agree with the natural fauna (bacteria) of our bowel. And the food does not have to be spicy so take note of this signal our stomach is putting out to us that any food that causes a negative reaction does not agree with us.

So what are the natural ways we can get rid of this excessive gas?

  • Use Activated Charcoal. This is a natural absorbent which helps getting rid of the toxic ingredients and extra gas within our gut. You should take 1 tablet for every 10 kilograms of weight and drink plenty of water to help with absorption. You should only take these tablets for a short period of time as they also absorb the good nutrients in our food. 
  • If you have excess gas drink a strong camomile or mint tea (should be only with 100 mls of water) about half an hour before you eat. This helps settle your stomach.
  • If you have this problem with excessive gas in your gut constantly try to drink more water and have more soups. Experiment by eating more smaller meals throughout your day rather than the usual three meals a day. Cut down on spicy foods and stay away from processed foods. Try to eat at regular times throughout your day. Cut down on vegetables such as beans, peas, tomatoes and cabbage. Cut down on citrus fruits and also bananas as well as dried fruits such as prunes and raisins. Cut down on fatty meat, alcohol, coffee and gaseous drinks.
  • Exercise regularly throughout your day…and we’re not only talking about formal exercise but get up from your seat and move. 

A Note Here: I’m not talking about ‘leaky gut’ here, but excessive gas…although leaky gut can cause this. Leaky gut though is a whole different problem and the cause of many diseases…

Exercises that will help elevate excessive gas – 

1. Twisting Yoga Pose

2. Side Pose

3. Child’s Pose

Hold all or at least any of these poses for 1 – 3 minutes. Another pose you may find comfortable is to lay on your back and bring one bent knee up to your stomach. You can add to the Child’s Pose by starting in the kneeling position and place your hands on your stomach, breathe in then out as you slowly lower into the pose while still holding your stomach (but you have to be comfortable doing this). 

Check with your doctor if these natural remedies don’t work as there may be a more serious problem that needs thorough investigation…but don’t put up with the ‘quick fixes’…

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