Health Post – The Cure for Nearly All Disease

Our Western Medical System is based on the idea of homeostasis and if anyone doesn’t fall within certain parameters deemed normal then there are medications that bring that person back into this normal range. The largest arm of this medical system is the pharmaceutical section which controls this way of thinking, but is it working?

The short answer is ‘no’ because the populations of countries of this segment of the world are getting progressively sicker. 

Why? Because this type of medical system is based on fear…Fear of the unvaccinated. Fear of our genetic code. Fear of germs and disease and fear of the flu and other ‘hyped’ diseases. 

People are following ‘the rules’ but their health is declining because of this rigid way of thinking. Something must change. The doctors of the very near future will not take much notice of vital signs and control them with drugs as these medications alter the body’s natural physiology. (If you look at the statistics that dementia costs governments four times as much as cancer for instance…a side effect of some medications some say, then you start to understand the cost of this outmoded way of thinking?) This is not the thoughts of some ‘crack pot’, but was voiced by medical experts in one of the top medical publications in the world when when it was said when asked about the health system’s in general that ‘the consequences for modern medicine is profound, since it would imply the current understanding of pharmacology is an oversimplification…’

The food industry has also got a lot to answer for the state of declining health and there are other toxins within our modern environment that play havoc with our body’s natural way of functioning. We have learnt that our negative thoughts… our misconceptions, our prejudices etc. undermine and weaken our immune systems…so the simple answer as to a cure for nearly all diseases?

Eat no Genetically Modified foods. Eat no commercial diary products (other than raw diary from healthy animals if your body can process it), get lots of vitamin D3 from the sun, eat lots of Omega 3-rich foods, get natural vitamin C with bioflavonoids and have a diet that is made up mostly of a variety of fresh organic vegetables (and a variety of proteins and fats) and drink pure water.  Added to this, get plenty of natural exercise throughout your day and understand that although we need stress to stimulate us, we need to learn to take one step at a time so that we don’t suffer the ‘modern’ disease of overwhelm. Lastly, but not least, trust your body to self-regulate without the need to take medications that have those lethal side-effects.

It really is that simple but the simplicity of it takes time and work to educate yourself…a fact beyond most because they don’t think that they are worth the effort? 

Believe nothing and always ask questions.

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