Health Post – That Knee Pain is Not in Your Knee!

There are two ways you can look at the statement I’ve made as a title for this Post –

  1. That any sensation we feel, whether pain or anything else is actually in our minds and to control pain we need to control our mind…but that topic is for another Post.
  2. The second way is although the site of the pain is in the knee, the cause is somewhere else, and this is what I will briefly cover in this Post.

The cause of knee pain is either in your lower back and/or in your feet. There are many surgeries that have been performed on total knee replacements that have not needed to happen! Another thing that I have heard from clients over the years that their surgeon has told them that they needed total replacement knee surgery because they had ‘bone on bone’. In other words that they had no cartilage that acts as a cushion between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (larger bone of the lower leg). Yet if this was the case they wouldn’t have been able to bend the knee?…and the ones I’ve dealt with all could…

Now, I’m not saying that all knee surgery doesn’t need to happen as in my own particular case I tore the Quadraceps Tendon (large tendon at the front of the thigh) almost completely and the surgeon needed to sew it back into place so that I could regain normal function. And there are many other cases of trauma to the knee that needs surgery, but in the case of repetitive strain, where the movement of the knee is not normal, the cause is nearly always in the lower back and or the feet. If you correct those problems, you Cure your knee problem….just as aside here, if someone has had a total hip replacement, if they don’t get the correct rehabilitation treatment afterwards, they invariably will get knee problems later on.

So knee problems are a symptom not the cause if they are not caused by trauma.

And don’t fall for the belief system that says that you can’t recover from anything. Our bodies are an amazing piece of biological engineering which replaces itself completely in a little more than a year! Using Antiinflamatorios actually breaks down the soft tissue of our joints, so is counterproductive in helping our bodies to recover. Better to use ice treatment to help with the swelling that causes the local pain. There are also some other noninvasive treatments you can use such as a treatment that uses light and also altrasound.

I don’t want to get into this topic too deeply as that would confuse you, but I will cover the causes of your knee pain very briefly.

So if your pelvis (large bone structure of your hips) is not moving correctly the patella (knee cap) doesn’t ‘track’ properly. If your foot arches flatten – which is caused by an impingement of the nerves of your lower back – this in turn is caused by our sedentary lifestyle and this lifestyle causes the muscles that hold these foot aches up to weaken. These two things i.e. The pelvis not moving properly and the aches of your feet flattening are intertwined in that your pelvis doesn’t move properly because your feet flatten cause the knee cap to track incorrectly causing stress on the structures inside the knee…causing the knee pain.

Now I didn’t want to make this complex but to simplify it, if you get your feet working properly and correct the movement of your hips (in that they shouldn’t move in an exaggerated fashion from side to side) the knee cap will move properly, curing the knee problem.

If you want instant knee pain to lessen, you can use an ankle weight while you sit with your lower leg dangling straight down for several minutes. This opens up the knee joint and you will feel less pain. If you don’t have access to ankle weights, improvise. If you have stiff knees, get up and walk around, which will take the stiffness away.

If you want to get you pelvis to move correctly and stabilize, there is an elastic belt you can get that you wear under your clothes for about three weeks which will help.

Move more during your day but to build the arches of your feet up again by wearing bare feet as much as you can , but if you live in a cold climate, wear flat soled shoes that have no support. Both ways you strengthen the muscles that hold your arches up in your feet. Better to walk on uneven surfaces (such as grass or sand) in bare feet. There are 4 simple exercises you can do which have a better effect that I will cover in my next Fitness Post. Added to this I will give you some ideas that will help regenerate worn cartilage. I will also cover things you shouldn’t do.

What is your pain worth to you? 

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