Health Post – How to Fortify the Immune System 

I’ve talked about strengthening the Immune System before but here I want you to understand exactly what the Immune System is and how important it is to our health. A lot of the things we do in everyday life actually work against the natural Immune System and weaken it. It is our natural defense against microbes that make us ill…and hence the importance of understanding that our bodies are an amazing instrument and can fight against most viruses etc. that endeavor to take it over. On occasions it needs outside intervention to help with this defense but we weaken it through the number of antibiotics and other medications we ingest including antibiotic soaps, the many vaccines we are given and the antibiotics in the food we eat.

Be 100% clear that germs don’t cause disease but the weakness of the resistance we have that does!

So what is the body’s natural response to infection and what we do to weaken its effect?

  1. We get a fever which increases the speed of the immune system’s response. In fact for every 1 degree of increase in body temperature the speed of the immune system doubles. Although we need to keep an eye that our body temperature does not increase to dangerous levels, we don’t need to try to decrease it through medication as this defeats the purpose. Better to drop it naturally if the temperature gets to dangerous levels by taking a cold shower or bath.
  2. Secondly there is an increase in mucus production to ‘wall off’ the invader so if we use a nasal spray or medication to dry up the mucus, this also works against this natural defense.
  3. The third line of defense is when our immune system kills the invader by increasing the production of the immune system cells to cope with this. If we weaken this natural occurrence by using antibiotics that take over this function and in the long term work against it, again it defects the body’s natural ability to fight infection.
  4. The immune system then goes about eliminating the dead invading cells by diarrhea, coughing and sneezing. If we stop these natural processes too early, we again defeat the natural immune system processes.
  5. The last phase of the body’s natural processes is to restore and rebuild the infected cells and natural function of the body. If we use antibiotics we weaken the immune system we even effect this phase of natural recovery. If you think about it, this is why a good percentage of people get a relapse of an infection?

Please also understand that over 50% of our bodys are made up of viruses and if constantly ingest antibiotics in the many ways we do, we weaken it. And natural disfunctions such as diarrhea is the body’s natural response in replacing the ‘bad’ flora in our gut. Also that 70% of our immune system is situated in our gut so gut health is essential to maintaining overall health.

The vaccines we take that are supposed to fortify our immune system actually work against it by producing an inflammatory response rather a natural response. The neurotoxic substances as well as the amount of aluminum in these vaccines are at a level that is unsafe to our body. Studies have shown that even just the aluminum by itself causes autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions by creating this inflammatory response. Also particles of aluminum that get to the brain and the spleen destroying brain tissue. If you want measured proof of this, look to the 340% increase in Autism over the last few decades? Also anything that adversely affects our gut health such as Tylenol in aspirin takes us a lot closer to death…

So to increase the ability of our immune system to fight infections we should exercise regularly (by this I mean move frequently throughout our day). We should obtain the natural vitamin D from the sun. We should obtain the natural vitamin C from fruits and the phytonutrients from vegetables (a good natural vegetable soup would do this). We should work on getting sufficient rest through natural deep sleep. We can use prayer (if you are a believer in an organized religion) or an effective meditation method to learn to control thought. If you live with pain find a method that deals with it effectively (this could be a combination of exercise and manipulative therapies). 

Lastly, understand that the body almost completely rebuilds itself within a year and if you adhere to a regime of eating properly it will take only 30 – 90 days to gain normal bowel function (depending on the severity of disfunction). 

Believe nothing at face value…question everything!

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