Fitness Post – The Package of Performance 4

I think it was a ‘cop out’ of me to leave this series of posts on Package of Performance without at least giving you the basic concepts of the other factors that make up The Parkage as I see it. 

Firstly everyone is an individual and has different strengths and weaknesses and therefore realize that you will have different priorities and will need to allocate more or less time on certain components of the Package depending upon these. This is usually the greatest mistake people make when they cannot achieve their goals…in that a lot of their time is misspent on only working on their strengths! So your plan needs to take this into account…

If it is a physical goal you have in mind (or any other goal for that matter) ensure that your Plan covers all aspects of your Performance. That any physical aspect always has the end goal as part of its makeup. If you are working on a fitness aspect ensure that the movement patterns have an element of the activity you are competing in. So for example your running program develops into the patterns specific to the game you are competing in. Initially you may need to work on the base condition if you don’t already possess it, but it slowly builds into mimicking those running patterns in your game. 

The same goes for your strength program and this is where most people lose the basic concept of building the movement patterns (including the intensity of the movements) towards their competitive sport. I’ve seen this mistake in top performers, so it is not only the novice who makes this error. In this case if the sport has highly intense periods of action with short periods of rest between then you are best to build your strength through Circuits for example. 

If you weakness is lack of mobility then you should work on this aspect as one of your priorities  – where a mistake I have observed by novices is to leave this part of developing overall physical conditioning out altogether! Even in the sports where you work on one side of the body more than the other such as as Golf, Tennis, or Archery you should ensure that you condition your body evenly…even to the extent of practicing skills on your non dominant side for short periods of time as this creates greater balance.

Some of the basic skills you need to work at initially have a very static nature, such as stretching but you should incorporate mobility exercises with movement eventually. If you play a sport that uses an implement or a ball for example, you can incorporate this into your stretching routine. This makes an element of condition that has no specific pattern of movement initially, far more relevant to a particular sport. 

If your goal is more cerebral in nature then look at ways to expand your mind and work on these as one of the first things you do in your day. Obviously this would contain some element of learning. Also take into account your health because better health will improve your performance. This includes the food that you eat, moving your body and taking control of your thoughts. A better existence really comes down to these three things including overcoming a condition or disease you may have…and these are very much part of your performance goals no matter what they are.

One of the great minds of the modern era Albert Einstein said ” We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. When any obstacle places itself in your way of achieving your goals remember that within any crisis we face there is always potential! If you desire to improve any part of your life, change yourself…

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