Fitness Post – The Package of Performance 3

In this third Post of this series we will look at more concrete ways you can improve your performance. Even though the photos show elite athletes, it really doesn’t matter what level or what part of life you are aspiring to achieve a specific goal in, whatever you do – positive or negatively effects your performance. That is…everything that you do and every thought pattern adds up to the result you attain at the end of the day!

I’ve touched on the psychological aspects of Performance in a previous post as well as having a plan in place to achieve your goals but I just would like to reiterate the importance of these. One of the most important things you should work on is creating a balance in all senses of the word. If you wish to attain a physical goal, then it would be enduring that the upper and lower parts and the left and right sides of your body are in balance with each other…or that your movements are relaxed, fluid and synchronized. If it is a psychological goal you wish to attain, then it would be ensuring that your whole life has a purpose and that there is a balance of work and rest…or that even though you may have a serious purpose in mind you don’t take life and yourself too seriously. You may desire for more serenity and happiness in your life but know that only place you can find these is within yourself. You cannot find them in someone else as if they somehow ‘complete’ your life…you only can find this wholeness or balance from within.

Now I have stated that I would cover more concrete aspects of Performance in this Post but if you thought that what I meant by that is how you can do things physically, you can find that in the over 150 posts I have in this website. What I meant by ‘concrete here is some ideas that you can work on a see a concrete result. Everything takes work but most people think of ‘work’ as something that they must do to earn a living and for the greater majority of people work is a necessity evil that they would rather not do….and this is a bit like school for a percentage of younger people, who don’t enjoy it (whether you place the blame on the education system, or whatever) it is the way you see it that makes the difference as to what you get out of it. If you work on ensuring you gain some positives from anything you have to work at…that the work is going to make you a better person and the happier and more serene you are going to be. The skill of learning to enjoy every aspect of your life will add up to your achieving anything you desire to achieve.

Another ‘concrete’ aspect of Performance you should work on is your tenancy because too many people give up on a goal when they face their first major hurdle. Hurdles or ‘problems’ if you like can be surmounted one step at a time. There is nothing wrong with needing to take a backward step at times and regrouping as you may need to educate yourself more or change your Plan of Action so that you can move forwards. And there certainly is nothing wrong with failure as it is just another stepping stone to ultimate success. As long as you can see that whatever you’re doing has a positive purpose and direction, being able to stick at things is a skill worth pursuing.

These are skills that need practice.

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