Health Post – Four Ways In Which We Deplete Our Energy

I have just read an article about the death of a man in China who lived beyond 250 years! It seems far fetched, but there are records to prove it and he lived the simple life without placing himself under pressure, even though, it was an eventful life! The photo above is of a woman who beat stage three cancer by taking responsibility of her own healing. Her name is Kris Carr and she is a testament to living her own beliefs and has written a best selling book about it. I have written about these ideas before in previous posts, but she puts them in a nutshell when she lists the Four Big Mistakes that Deplete Your Energy, and they are worth covering again. Because we learn by repetition. Right?

I 100% agree with her when she says that we need to learn to listen to what our body is telling us and we weren’t put on this earth to suffer. We also must learn to uncover our innate energy reserves. These are skills and should be practiced automatically, but we have lost them over time…just like the skill of being the observer of your own thoughts because they become facts if you dwell on them for long enough? I also agree with her when she says that it’s only when someone faces a major health crisis do they do something about it. But I will add that most people go back to their original patterns of thinking and let the medication/s they are on that keep them alive, keep them alive! (Over 90% of open heart surgery patients go back to their original way of living after a certain time!) So you can do something about it before you reach a crisis point in preventing it with a few very simple steps. But here are four ways we deplete our energy.

  1. Thoughts and Emotions. The major energy drainer is the way in which we live and the energy cost is in the stress we put ourselves under constantl. I’ve talked about a simple breathing technique I personally use to relax and it very quickly puts me to sleep if I do it lying down. For those who haven’t read about it, it is breathe in through your nose for a count of 4; hold your breath for a count of 7 and breathe out noisily through your mouth for a count of 8. (Breathing out for this long gets rid of most of your breath and this is the essential part) this simple technique sounds easy, but it does take practice so that you don’t feel dizzy by overdoing it.
  2. Not Moving Your Body. I have pushed this one for a long time and as I have said, the movement is more beneficial done throughout the day rather than within a specific exercise program. If you are an exerciser like me, that should only be part of it. So you don’t have the excuse that you haven’t got the time or energy because if you take all the small opportunities you have throughout your day to move (including housework) you will find it far easier. And the great thing is, the more you move the easier you’ll find to move as you will see that you have got more energy.
  3. Ignoring your Gut: Do you see all the advertisements on television that prescribe a concoction of chemicals to sooth an upset stomach? That is your body (in this case your stomach) telling you that you are not eating right…or whatever you’re eating is creating this problem and by ingesting these chemicals  it creates more problems down the line! As I have stated in a previous post, you need to create the right environment so that your gut can do its job properly…and create more energy. Kris states that by doing this there will be a 60% boost in mood and of course a decrease in any of the diseases caused by a disfunctional Gut! She offers five solutions to help (nothing new but worth listing again…1. Eat fruits and vegetables for their nutritional value and fiber. 2. Reduce inflammation within your bowel by cutting out completely processed foods, particularly sugar and flour. 3. Drink water throughout your day. 4. Chew your food properly so that your gut can do it’s job properly. 5. Move your body, particularly if you want to have regular bowel movements?
  4. Chasing Perfection. This factor I haven’t really covered before other than saying to learn to live within the moment. I have only learnt to do this since my artwork has gotten more complex and pushing the idea upon myself that there are no such thing as mistakes, only learning experiences? As Kris says, concentrate on progress, not perfection and as I have observed when painting nature, nothing is naturally perfect. So focus on what you innately know is your priority right now.

Ideas are not facts and thoughts don’t become facts unless you focus on them – good or bad…

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