Fitness Post – Package of Performance 2

In my first Post on this topic I covered the three essentials, but really it is a ‘package’ after all and all the ingredients are essential because if you desire to reach your full potential, everything counts. But if you want to build a foundation you must understand an important concept: the mind controls the body and you must work on the mind as a priority to reach this potential. And this is so for anything in life because if you don’t have control of your mind, you don’t control your life. So you must ask yourself the question as to whether you desire a life by design, rather by accident?

Below are some fundamental concepts when considering controlling your mind. You may think you have control of your mind but if you cannot control thoughts you don’t control your mind. All top sports performers know this, at least when it comes to producing top performances in their particular sport, but a good percentage of them don’t control their thoughts in their total life either…

  • The first concept to come to grips with is that you have to learn the skill of being the observer of your  thoughts. Psychologists say that up to 70% of our thoughts are negative so to increase the positive side of thoughts you must be able to recognize negative thoughts when they happen…because these negative thoughts will always take you in a negative direction. If you desire to reach your full potential you have to change this way of thinking because most of our thoughts are habitual and circular rather than moving us in that positive direction.
  • You’ve got to learn the skill of living in the present point in time because that is the only thing we truly possess in life. Most of us live in the past or the future…and these ‘tenses’ we can do nothing about. The past has already happened and the future is not certain, so it is what you do now…living moment to moment is the only thing that you can actually control.
  • Doing is better than thinking. Doing by instinct is better than just doing, so trust your instincts more and you will do what is naturally and innately right. But to get into this mindset you must be aware of and have practiced the first two concepts I’ve covered above.
  • Worrying is one of those habitual and circular ways of thinking that doesn’t move us forward. It holds us back from achieving our full potential. Worrying is a learned habit and is not natural. So just observe a child who is young enough not to have learned this habit of thinking. Do they worry? No, they do not as they naturally live in the present point of time. You may counter this argument with that they have nothing to worry about yet – but thinking about solutions to situations we  we face. Now life happens and we get negative things happening to us, but the essential ingredient of a positive mind is the way in which we handle these negative situations. So face things moving forwards rather than a negative way, or worse in a circular way? 
  • Controlling the mind and controlling your thought patterns come with practice as it is any skill we desire to develop. So learning to think consciousnessly and making decisions consciously is something we must work to achieve our ultimate goal/s

Again, I have kept this Post short, because there may be sentences you may have to think about. Just make your thinking conscious because we live our lives with many underlying beliefs that are not beneficial to reaching our potential. We harbor prejudices, misconceptions and untruths that we may have learned through observation or experience. None of us possesses a truly ‘open mind’ as we interpret things through our projections of what we believe should be so. No one has a monopoly on ‘the truth’ – that is why I repeat a suggestion to question everything I say…

Next week I will cover more concrete topics as ingredients to the Package of Performance.

Please Note:  The host server has let me know that there may have been some outside interference with one or two of my Postings. If you see anything that seems to be out of place, please let me know.

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