Health Post – The Two Major Reasons People Give Up Diets?

I’ve left the title as a question because I want you to make up your own mind. Two people who know something about it are Doctor Susan Pearce Thompson who is a psychologist and nutritionist and Ari Whitten who is an Energy Scientist. They suggest that there are two main reasons – hunger and lack of energy. That’s it in a nutshell, but I need to expand on this a bit to give you an explanation to why they say this…

If people want to be successful in their weight loss program though, the main thing that they need to do is to get over the delusion that they are doing the ‘right things’ when in fact they’re not! I’ve had many people over the years tell me that they have ‘done everything’ even to being completely vegetarian, but nothing worked. When I asked these ‘vegetarians’ if they had given up  all processed foods, including home baked foods they would invariably tell me ‘no, I can’t do that. I can’t survive without those things.’ So definitely people delude themselve and this may seem a little harsh, but it is a fact. 

More than 95% of diets don’t work is because people cannot ‘stick to the plan’. So Susan and Ari may be on to something here, as Susan’s ‘Bright Light Eating’ regime is the most successful in the world. Her system is not for everyone because it is very strict in that it is very clear about absolutely No Sugar and No White Flour in the diet amongst other ‘rules’. She does have an excellent support system though and people on her diet struggle to keep eating enough fruits and vegetables she tells them to eat. The reason she pushes this is because the body needs all the vitamins and minerals we obtain from these foods and the whole variety or other natural foods to be healthy.

So…it will take between 15 and 90 days depending on the individual to get rid of this lack of energy until the body ‘resets itself’ to the new habit of eating properly. When anyone cuts down on the total calories they consume toxins from the cell ‘energy bundles’ (called mitochondria) are released into the bloodstream which may cause headaches and definitely the initial lack of energy. Once you get beyond this lack of energy by eating how you should do, these symptoms will disappear. 

To help people get over this stage they need to understand that they are actually detoxifying their body which will build a stronger immune system and therefore help it fight diseases. They should also understand that being hungry is not an emergency.  They should also ask themselves the question as to whether their hunger is psychological or physiological (in the mind or in the body). These understandings of what is happening and why its happening will help someone through this initial difficult time. The cravings people have to sugar and white flour varies from individual to individual depending upon their susceptibility to addiction of them (try Food to know your level of susceptibility?) 

Stick to the rules set down and you will win.

Next Health Post I will look at other ways to build more energy…

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