Fitness Post – Your ‘Package of Performance’

In the books I’ve written for High Performance athletes I’ve talked about this and learnt the concept long before we were called Sports Scientists. I read extensively about the systems the Soviet Block put into place and it wasn’t just their programs or the ‘pharmaceutical ‘ methods they used because they looked at the complete picture of what someone had to do to achieve optimal results. 

This concept helps in everything we do and it doesn’t matter what level you are working at, if you do the work you will gain better results. But the key thing that us ‘Sports Scientists’ missed out and the most important part of the performance jigsaw puzzle was that people must think that they are worth the effort that they need to make to achieve the results they desire. If the last sentence didn’t connect with you, read it again because it is the most important part of the ‘package of performance’…and just to reiterate, that is in everything and anything we do!

Another important ingredient to success is that whatever you desire to achieve you must educate yourself to understand exactly what you need to do and why you are doing it. The Soviet Sports Scientists pushed this fact as the most important concept for their athletes to understand because without this knowledge you’ve got no grounding to build the psychological basis of success. For knowledge builds confidence if you live the knowledge because knowledge is worth nothing to you without living it…it’s just words and words are only noise in the wind? Like flatulence.

You also need to be very specific about what you desire to attain. Write it down. Very few people do this…they may have their ‘wishes’ but ‘wishes are fishes’ without very clear goals that you commit to. These are the three most important ingredients to success and the Package of Performance.

I kept this short so you can concentrate on these before I cover other aspects to the Package of Performance next Post…

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