Health Post – What Shouldn’t You Consume On An Empty Stomach

This is a short Post, but an important one because if we don’t set our bowels up right, we won’t have a perfect day. A lot of food scientists are now saying that our bowel health is the major ‘barometer’ for our total health because our intestinal health affects all the systems in our body. So things you shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach are – 

  • Any foods with yeast in them such as bread or croissants or similar as they bloat the bowel and cause irritation, which obviously affects our digestion of anything else we consume during the rest of the day.
  • Any fried foods…so keep away from those quick takeaway foods. They obviously don’t set the bowel in effective motion during the day either…let alone all the other health issues they cause!
  • Yoghurt – even so-called ‘natural’ yoghurts! I know it’s hard to believe with this one because these foods contain ‘good’ bacteria which should help with digestion but the acid in the stomach, particularly an empty one, kills all this good bacteria you put into it…so a waste of time and money. But you can get away with eating any of this type of food about an hour after your evening meal, just make sure it’s a small cup.
  • Fresh Juices, especially Orange Juice because it is acidic and when you add the natural high level of acid in the stomach, it causes gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)…obviously not great for digestion!
  • Any processed meat. Hams, sausages and the like. There are many natural and synthetic chemicals in processed meats which cause irritation in the bowel.
  • Coffee. Not on an empty stomach anyway. Have your coffee after you have eaten your morning meal because an an empty stomach it causes gastritis and make sure you have a glass of water 20 – 30 minutes after your coffee (I have gone into the reason why in a previous Post).

So what is the best thing to put into your stomach first up? Water, but make it warm or room temperature as it will stay in your stomach longer than cold or cool water.

So being a spoilsport I haven’t given you many options of foods that you are best to eat in the morning! But think about it and there is the good old staple breakfast food such as eggs. You have also got fish, chicken and cereals such as buckwheat and the like but keep away from any of the highly processed foods you buy in colorful packets plus oats and anything with white flour. They haven’t got a lot of nutritional value and don’t keep you satisfied during your mornings amongst all the other reasons why you shouldn’t eat them. You’ve also got fruit which is best consumed in the morning after you have neutralized your stomach (even if it is very slightly) with room temperature water. But don’t overdo the fruit either. No more than 2 – 3 pieces per day! You can have this fruit in a nutritious fruit smoothie? 

If you do have an irradiated bowel do something about it like adhering to the advice given and look for ‘cultured’ foods that are natural and not that junk you can buy in little bottles. Another thing that will help with digestion is practicing skills to lower your stress levels and by consistently moving throughout your day (what do they say? Move your body to move your bowels!)

People delude themselves that they are doing the right thing, but they are actually not. Why? Because there is still an increase in obesity and all the other modern ailments….

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